Decisions Breakouts at Winter 2010 Meeting

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This page describes the Environmental Decision-Making breakouts at the Winter 2010 Meeting. See also:

Full Meeting Agenda
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Decisions Cluster wiki

Tues AM: Plenary

Two panels: "Federal Agency Panel on Science Supporting Decision Making" and "Decision Maker Panel from the Field: National - Regional - Local" . See Full Meeting Agenda for details.

Tues 1:30-5:00PM: Case Studies - what worked and what didn't     Session leader: Ana Prados

Presentations from decision makers, spanning multiple applications. Each presentation should explicitly address: application area/context, data inputs, decision tools used, and decision-making process.
0. Introduction by Lawrence Friedl, NASA HQ
1. Molly Macualey (Resources for the Future) (keynote)
2. Mike Crimmins (AZ Cooperative Extension)/Barron Orr (University of Arizona), Climate Extension
3. Debra Baker (Maryland Department of the Environment), How State Air Quality Agencies use Satellite data, Maryland Perspective
4. Doris McLeod (Virginia Department of Environmental Quality), How State Air Quality Agencies use Air Quality Data, Virginia Perspective
5. Richard Eckman (NASA HQ), Energy Management
6. E. Lucien Cox (NASA HQ)/Will Pozzi, WaterNet

Tues eve: Poster Session

Includes separate poster area for Environmental Decision Making.

Wed AM: Plenary

See Full Meeting Agenda

Wed 2:00-2:30PM: Science data inputs     Session leader: Menas Kafatos

Two 15-minute presentations from scientists describing science data inputs for decision makers
1. Alex de Sherbinin, CIESIN, Columbia University "Using Satellite Data to Create Environmental Indicators" This presentation will describe preliminary efforts by CIESIN and Battelle to create environmental indicators from satellite remote sensing data, as well as future plans under a recently awarded NASA Decisions grant.
2. Paul Chan, Caelum Research Corp.

Wed 2:30-5:30PM: Tools/Methods/Data integration     Session leader: Karl Benedict

Presentations from technologists and tool developers describing decision tools, methods, services, and models, data integration, handling uncertainty, and how to make decision components more usable and interoperable. Co-organized with Information Technology and Interoperability Committee. The session will be divided into two sections, the length of each determined by the number of presentations, and the amount of time left for demonstrations.

Presentations: 15-minute presentations that include time for discussion/questions

1. Dave Jones, StormCenter Communications, Inc.. Topic: Enabling Decision Makers Along the Gulf Coast
2. Naomi Detenbeck, US EPA. Topic: e-Estuary: A Decision-Support System for Clean Water Act Applications in Estuaries and Coastal Watersheds
3. Drew Pilant, US EPA. Topic: Decision Support for Ecosystem Services in the Coastal Carolinas
4. Phil Yang, GMU. Seamless Integration of OGC Web Services
5. Ana Prados, UMBC/NASA, Training Workshops on use of NASA data and Tools for Air Quality Applications
6. Tyler Stevens and Scott Ritz, NASA/CEOS IDN: CEOS Climate Diagnostics directory for decision making
7. Menas Kafatos, Chapman University: tools and methods for decision support to address hazards
8. Ed Armstrong, JPL/PO.DAAC, Decision Support Tools for Pelagic Fisheries

Demonstrations: Interactive demonstrations by the session presenters using provided flat-panel monitors to illustrate Decision Support tools. The demonstrations will take place concurrently within the available space.

Thurs 8:30-9:30AM: Environmental Decision Making Cluster Meeting

1. Selection of new Cluster Chair
2. Objectives for Joint Session (at 10am)
3. Plans for coming year

Thurs 10:00AM-12Noon: Joint Session with other breakouts Application needs     Session leader: Will Pozzi

Brief presentations from application areas describing application-specific needs, followed by one-hour breakouts:
1. Air Quality Working Group
2. Water Cluster
3. Climate Literacy and Education
4. Data Preservation and Stewardship
5. Other application areas depending on interest: Disaster Management, Defense, Agriculture, Insurance, etc.

Thurs 1:30PM: Solutions - toward better informed decisions     Session leader: Chuck Hutchinson

1. Decision metrics
2. Open discussion on solutions
3. Where do we go from here?

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