December 3, 2009

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

December 3, 2009 Telecon 1-3 pm EST Phone: Meeting Number: 877-326-0011 Meeting Code: *7884944* GoTo Meeting Link:

[edit] Topics (feel free to add agenda items) 1. Recap of Last Meeting 2. GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot 3 (AIP-3), George Percivall 3. Water Cluster Activities at Winter ESIP Federation meeting 4. Discussion Draft Water Cluster Vision Statement 5. Date of Next Meeting (January 5-7, 2010)

[edit] Meeting Docs [edit] ===Participants===

  • George Percivall
  • Bill Sonntag
  • Carol Meyer
  • Brand Niemann
  • Christine Eggers
  • Luis Bermudez
  • Rob Raskin
  • Todd Dabolt
  • Brian Rogan
  • Gary Foley
  • Rob Fatland
  • Jami Montgomery
  • Phil Yang
  • Will Pozzi

[edit] Notes 1. Round robin introductions were made
2. Last Meeting Recap

  • Winter meeting activities and session breakdown
  • Need a couple of use cases by end of meeting for proof of concept (EPA, others?)
  • Need identify someone to lead ontology management
  • Outreach: Ontology meeting during AGU; NIDIS/NOAA; NASA
  • Vision statement

3. George Percivall, OGC - GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot 3

  • Looking for a Drought scenario
  • AIP Task - pilot new processes in support of creating the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI)
  • work collaboratively across GEO committees (e.g. UIC to get user needs)
  • AIP 2 Achievements
  • Community of Practice Scenarios
  • Reusable Processes
  • SBAs covered: Disaster Management, Air Quality & Health, Energy, Biodiversity and Climate Change
  • AIP 3 (call to be issued in January 2010)
  • Build on GCI Community Services
  • Engage new Communities of Practice
  • Focus on Data; Promote Content
  • Results in time to support EO Summit (Nov. 2010, Beijing)
  • Use Cases (SOA)
  • Scenarios (end users)
  • Drought Scenario
  • Asian Water Cycle, SDSC, FCU, CUASHI, JAXA, EuroGEOSS, ESIP, GEO Water CoP
  • Hydrology Interoperability Experiment (OGC activity) - standards development/refinement as opposed to the GEOSS AIP which seeks to apply interoperability arrangements to SBAs
  • Candidate Scenario was previously developed under AIP2 but didn't have critical mass to move forward
  • Other scenario suggestion: visual beach (environmental indicator)
  • How to Get Involved
  • No funding provided
  • Help with scenario development
  • Semantic mediation use case

Action Items:

  • Link to NIDIS for scenario
  • Poll Cluster members about Drought or Water Quality scenario
  • All - Review and edit Draft vision statemente for Water Cluster