December 22

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

On the call: Carol Meyer, Chuck Hutchinson, Rob Raskin, Erin Robinson, Ana Prados

We have an abstract from Anne for the Decisions Workshop on Thursday at the ESIP 2011 Winter meeting. Total length will be 3 hours and it is intended for anyone, whether they have evaluation expertise or not. One of the goals of the Winter meeting workshop will be to gauge member interest in future evaluation workshops and agency evaluation needs.

There was a call earlier in the week with folks involved in the recent GEO mid-term evaluation. GEO will be used as a Case Study in the Winter 2011 meeting evaluation workshop. ESIP and GEO will also work with Anne Doucette to develop a follow up workshop (not during an ESIP meeting) in 2011, date TBD. This upcoming evaluation workshop will be tailored to ESIP members and Earth Science applications.

A few minor changes to Anne's abstract were discussed.

Action items: Ana to send Carol draft of post-workshop survey.