Data Management Training/meeting notes 20150202

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Data Management Training - cross domain collaboration 2 February 2015

(Link to Notes in Hackpad format)


  • (Re-)Introductions
  • Recap of what we thought about doing next from the last meeting (see below)
  • What would we like to / need to accomplish?
  • Identify similar efforts?
  • Marketing?
  • Find additional teachers / trainers / authors?
  • Find / develop more / other educational materials?
  • Next steps
  • Other?

Attending: Ruth Duerr, Amanda Whitmire, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Jacob Carlson, Sophie Hou, Justin Goldstein

Regrets: Erin Robinson, Denise Hills


  • New coalition of publishers; have NSF funding for a data training catalog for the Earth Sciences, called the Coalition on Publishing Data in the Earth and Space Science (COPDESS,
  • Several of us are involved in Research Data Management (RDM) education efforts. Action: let's all share our materials and look for gaps, confluence, areas for collaboration and development, etc.
  • the DIL project case studies will be posted at: hopefully very soon
  • Looking especially to build a community of practice around those providing data information literacy training
  • Would be useful to develop a framework for existing and continued development of educational materials related to data literacy and data management training; perhaps as the basis of an NSF grant
  • Ruth notes that there is funding available from Earth Cube for data management training
  • specific program:
  • We'll all look this over & send via email ideas about how we could collaborate and possibly get some funding for what we want to do (TBD)
  • Despite the fact that this solicitation is focused on Earth Science data, might be possible to bring out the foundational, cross-domain aspects of data literacy, data management, and data stewardship as part of what is created from a collaboration such as this
  • Discussed the idea of soliciting feedback on existing modules in order to ascertain their effectiveness, but also to identify gaps, and possibly find authors for other training modules or curriculae
  • Might also be useful to invite Kerstin Lenhardt to a call to find out what they're planning to do for the NSF funded catalog and other products coming from the NSF for COPDESS (see above link)
  • They are also planning to build a repository of educational resources using the RE3 schema underlying it, and then for Course materials, build their own schema
  • They are working with the Open folks, so might be more information there (NH couldn't find anything , but maybe it's there somewhere?

Action Items:

  • All: Look at the EarthCube solicitation proposal and put comments / thoughts about how we could write or participate in a proposal on data management on a TBD ESIP Data Stewardship wiki page
  • NH to work with Erin, Sophie and Justin to figure out the best place to put this info
  • NH: Set up doodle poll for meeting in 2 wks on a possible Earth Cube proposal (Jake will not be able to attend, but will participate in the online discussions.

From mtg in July:

Next Steps:

  • Ideas for potential collaborative work on: surveys, analytics, community building
  • Evaluation metrics & process previously supported by NSF: CLEAN
  • Directory of resources for librarians:
  • (All) Look at each others resources as noted above (please add more as they occur to you)
  • (All) Think about further areas of collaboration & get back together in ~ a month when (perhaps) Amanda will be able to join, and Erin.