Data Integration and Display Tools

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Data Integration and Display Tools

  1. Objective: a) share functions and tools exist for water studies and management; b) identify functions needed; c) develop a matrix of functions/tools/future needs; d)assess alignment with GEOSS (catalog, semantic mediation, viualization, interoperabiliy, workflow, etc).
  2. Approach: a) initiate a matrix; b) do a tool demo session with four presenters (HydroSeek or a Measure project, Microsoft,ESRI, Water Portal), 10 minutes each; c) 10 minutes discussion to validate the matrix. Presentations will have focused areas on ontology and semantics.
  3. Schedule:
  • ArcGIS Server Geoportal Extension: Geospatial Discovery through Portal Technology, Christine Eggers, ESRI,

Abstract: The ArcGIS Server Geoportal extension enables an organization to host a highly-customizable, web-accessible geodata catalog for users to connect to map services, create and manage metadata, and find, share, and download geodata. Demonstration will showcase easy-to-use tools for connecting users to geospatial resources, and connecting disparate geodata catalogs to one another.

  • Hydroseek, Yoori Choi, CUAHSI
  • Microsoft
  • Water Portal Prototype, Hannes Wu, Zhenlong Li, Min Sun, and Phil Yang

Abstract: Supported by ESIP, FGDC and NASA, a Water Portal prototype is deployed to provide up-to-date water information, resource, and collaboration among organizations, operational agencies, scientific communities, and decision makers. The prototype includes three categories of functions: 1) Resource providers are centrally advertised through links to relevant communities, agencies, and other entities; 2) Integrated Tools provide on-line water resource search tool and data interpretability platform. For example, WECHO provides access to and discovery of NASA data related to the global Water Cycle. Semantic search tool can capture environmental data based on the Earth and environmental ontology. WMS Uniportal is an integration of geospatial catalogue services. 3) Water Portal also ingests and advertises existing projects and organizations concentrating on water researches.