Data Discovery (ECS)

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Earth Observation System Data and Information Core System (ECS) was designed for NASA in order to support 2 terabytes per day of data. ECS currently provides data ingest, archive, and distribution services at three data centers that manage Earth Observing System (EOS) data. It also supports data management for 9 instruments on 7 spacecraft. The spiral below lists recommended attributes for the ECS metadata model. Where compatible the spiral provides xpath references for DIF, ECHO, ECS, DCAT, ISO, ISO-1 and FGDC documentation dialects.

xPath Note: The xPaths included in this table use several wildcards. // means any path, so //gmd:CI_ResponsibleParty indicates a gmd:CI_ResponsibleParty anywhere in an XML file. /*/ indicates a single level with several possible elements. This usually indicates one of several concrete realizations of an abstract object. For example /*/gmd:identificationInfo could be gmd:MD_Metadata/gmd:identificationInfo or gmi:MI_Metadata/gmd:identificationInfo and gmd:identificationInfo//*/gmd:descriptiveKeywords could be gmd:identificationInfo/gmd:MD_DataIdentification/gmd:descriptiveKeywords or gmd:identificationInfo/srv:SV_ServiceIdentification/gmd:descriptiveKeywords. Fit: The fit of the dialect path with the concept is estimated on a scale of 1 = excellent two-way fit, 2 = one-way fit or some other problem, 3 - extension required.

Data Discoverability