DataFed NO2 Analysis

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

It is now possible to develop a chemical climatology (2004-7) of tropospheric NO2 based on routine daily satellite observations, such as those from OMI. Such data can aid the understanding of NO2 sources, atmospheric dynamics and potential impacts on human health and welfare. Fusion of satellite data, emission models, and surface concentration measurements allow a comprehensive understanding that is not possible from any single dataset. Visual analyses of the data highlight locations of power plants and non-industrial sources of NOx, such as wildfires. The daily time resolution of the OMI NO2 data allows the quantification of the weekday-weekend effect. The available OMI NO2 data and the results of NO2 models will allow a global-scale comparison. This new opportunity will permit the global-scale reconciliation of the models-emissions and observations.