Data-type and Service Ontologies

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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To follow on from the May 15-16, 2008 workshop at GMU.

  • Contact Peter Fox for more details
  • We have two continuation sessions, one on Thursday 2-4, and the other on Friday 8:30-10am.
  • Please review the previous work on the wiki pages.
  • Please put up your use cases (from the workshop as well as any others) on this site as well.
  • I have posted the sets of cmaps and ontologies generated to date.
  • Our agenda will depend on who attends but could be selected from:
    • continuation on data-type ontology model
    • continuation on service ontology model - we'd started with the ISO
    • defining a test-bed selecting 2-3 use cases and further defining a prototype implementation
    • depending on numbers we could do these as a group or split up.

Other thoughts? Topics? Priorities?

Remember this is intended to be a working session.

Last update July 11, 2008 (Peter Fox).