DIAL NO2 Desktop Data Explorer Prototype

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

LATEST VERSION AVAILABLE: Alpha 007. November 9 2007

We are looking for Alpha Testers: Send me an email (bruce at nmri.org) with your snail mail address, and we will mail you one. thanks

Goal: To gather existing NO2 data archives into a single DVD-based data explorer software product so that scientists, data providers, application developers, and decision makers can explore not only the existing data corpus (or a representative sample) but also the potential use cases for data analysis by decision makers. NOTE: this is not a final product for use by decision makers, but a prototype that helps move the conversation along among the various stakeholders in the NO2 data system.

Technology: DIAL will combine run-time IDL data analysis and visualization tools with Adobe Director GUI authoring to create the prototype application.


Alpha 007 includes:

ALL available OMI NO2 daily total column and tropospherical data for lower 48 state US. (up to October 30, 2007) [Source: GSFC Data Pool/AURA science team] VIEWER: View and subset single dates or ranges of dates ANIMATE: Choose the overall date range and animate through your choice of days, weeks, etc. GRAPH: Look at changes in the average NO2 value for any part of the US over any date range COMPARE: compare a date or range for any part of the US with monthly, seasonal, annual, or total NO2 values across the entire OMI data set. Find anomalies

Tell us which new feature would be best for your work!

Please feel free to contribute your ideas! Thanks! (Bruce, Marty, Hajime and the NO2 DDEP project team...) Email: bruce at nmri.org

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