Cross-Agency Reuse and Reuse Collaborations

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

The NASA Earth Science Data Systems (ESDS) Software Reuse Working Group (WG) is working to encourage and enable software reuse within the Earth sciences. Recognizing that similar efforts may be taking place elsewhere, this 2 hour session (10 am - 12 noon) will offer the opportunity for all agencies and organizations with reuse efforts to join together.

The Software Reuse Working Group would like to request speakers to present on their software reuse activities at this session. Please contact James Marshall or Larry Gilliam if you are interested in sharing your experiences.

Current draft of the basic agenda:

  • General introduction
  • Description of reuse efforts by each agency/organization present
  1. NASA ESDS Software Reuse WG
  2. Reuse in Software Engineering (RiSE) Labs and RiSE Enterprise: Combining State-of-the-Art and Practice in Software Reuse
  • Discussion of the best way for us to collaborate and coordinate our efforts to acheive the best results

Contact: James Marshall, Innovim / NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

             Larry Gilliam, Innovim / NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Add your name here if you plan to attend (need this for room size):

  1. Robert Wolfe
  2. Larry Gilliam
  3. Ed Washburn
  4. Wolfgang Grunberg
  5. Steve Young
  6. Debbie Belvidere
  7. Christopher Lynnes
  8. Bruce Wilson
  9. Ed Sheffner
  10. Gary Foley

Interested, but unable to attend:

  1. Eduardo Santana de Almeida (esa"at"rise"dot"com"dot"br)
  2. Eric Kihn

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