Coverage Processor for Cubes

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Coverage_Processor_for_Cubes Description: [[TermDesc::This component extracts a subset of out of a netCDF-CF cube file. It finds the source file, reads the requested subset, and writes that into a netCDF-CF file. The output looks exactly like the original file, except it is a filtered subset. Used in WCS GetCoverage Query.]]

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The Coverage Processor is a component that performs two different activities:

  • WCS Query Parser. The syntax is checked and parsed into a structured object.
  • Subsetter. This component finds the desired coverage and applies filters to read a subset of the data:
    • Coverage: Locate the source file.
    • Fields: A client querying wind data may be interested in speed and direction, but reject air pressure.
    • Bounding Box: restrict response to certain geographical area.
    • Time: Default time, One time, list of times, periodic range of times.
    • Grid size and interpolation: High resolution data can be interpolated to lower resolution.
    • By dimension: Select only one or some wavelengths or elevations.
    • Write the result into a netCDF-CF cube.

Currently there is no formatter, the only supported output is netCDF-CF. The netCDF-CF based processor is completely generic for any compatible netCDF-CF file.

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