Commission 6-8 “use cases” for key Air Quality Data Procesing/Analysis Value Chains

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key Air Quality Data Procesing/Analysis Value Chains

Discussion: Two use cases were discussed during the meeting as an experiment to see if working through the “data value chain” at a “moderate” level of detail could help identify/clarify gaps/opportunities for collaboration and investment. The exercise was rushed, and did not include participation from “real users” but produced significant discussion and helped identify/validate many of the candidate topics identified in this list, including this proposal (#10). The proposal is for a more formal commissioning of 6-8 of these cases, done right, with 2-3 being done by January

Candidate Product: Activity would produce two kinds of products:

  1. Process of conducting the use case explorations and documentation would produce new shared understanding among the focus/customer groups used, and the workgroup itself in overseeing and assimilating the results---this could help greatly in the task of refining what we meant by “AQ information infrastructure”
  2. Hard products would be one or more reports on the 6-8 use cases, conducted in sufficient detail to identify both general and specific opportunities/investment areas—ideally these would include specific data, data services or applications that could be commissioned immediately. These cases could validate/inform many of the other focus areas identified here.

Near-Term Action/Product:

  • Commission 2-3 use cases to be completed before January. Candidate use cases include: HTAP, NO2, and AQ forecasting. AQ Workgroup members are asked to provide suggestions to L Friedl for suggestions on use cases and available expertise to conduct these cases.
    • Note these cases would likely re-identify/refine nearly every item on this WG list.

Type of Candidate AQ Focus Area: Planning/Communication

Possible Uses cases

Possible use cases (presented at the User and the GeoSS Architecture V - Denver 2006


HTAP Analysis/Processing Value Chain

Exceptional Event Analysis/Processing Value Chain

AQ Forecasting Analysis/Processing Value Chain