Collaboration Area Work Plan Meeting Outline

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Meeting Purpose

  • This is meant to be a check-in with ESIP Collaboration Areas.
    • Planning process is not meant to be overly strenuous.
  • Give staff a railing to lean on to determine support we can give & synergies we can facilitate.

Planning Template

  • Show and walk through wiki planning template.
  • What is the support you need to deliver objectives, e.g. Fellows, FUNding Friday, Special Projects (page charges, workshops, etc.).

Summer Meeting

  • We have a call for sessions out. It includes new ‘talk’ type.
  • Is there anything you need from ESIP staff related to session or event planning?

General Feedback

  • Ask for any general feedback, e.g. ESIP Staff, Meetings, Infrastructure, etc.
  • Are there outcomes from your group or organization that you attribute to ESIP?


  • Migrating to GoToMeeting over the next three months.