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Aug 27, 2012 ESIP cloud computing cluster Telecon

Participants:Erin Robinson, Carol, Thomas Huang, Phil Yang,Rich Martin, Qunying Huang

1.JPL cloud for ESIP usage a. Build aws EC2 for general memembers b. Resource behind JPL firewall

2. Summer Meeting Recap a. Memebers are enjoying materials, demo, and tutorials, and the cost model is very useful and should let members use it and give feedback b. Workshop: hands-on experiences. Discover and search with cloud; Deploy and run applications. c. Winter meeting is more high level, not suitable for technique session; but can consider as it is less true than used to be. d. Winter meeting requires pre-registeration e. Discuss the agenda for the psssiblity of hosting workshop on hands-on cloud experiences next meeting f. Mike's presentation about cloud readiness , it provides good information.

3. Testbed task & cloud computing cost model a. OS types b. Security level c. Static entering the prices( crawl to extract the prices; web service API)

4. Winter meeting a. Cloud readiness b. Invite other agencies to talk about cloud concepts c. How to solve issues, e.g., dealing big data issues, puting hadoop etc together to solve problems. d. Put big data application with cloud cost model together e. Combination of cloud and local resources to balance the costs f. Demonstration: GMU Eucalyptus, JPL cloud g. Windter meeting session: 90 minutes per slot, expected time and attendees h. Attend the Sep 10 ESIP call (1:00PM EDT)

5. Next steps a. Information quality : what is good for cloud, how long do, when, best pratices, go with cloud, go without , if it make sense to do what they are trying to do; cloud might be deployed