Cloud Telecons 04/25/2016

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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April 25, 2016 ESIP cloud computing cluster telecon recap

Participants:Cain Shelby, Christopher Lynnes, Stephan Klene, Teresa Kauffman, Thomas Huang, Phil Yang, Long Pham For Elliot Rogers, Nga T Quach

  • Presentation: AIST Cloud - Shellby, Dan (SGT)
  • Current state:
  1. difficult transition from non-NASA to NASA operations
  2. lack of standardization
  3. hardware expensive but less dynamic
  • Purpose: accelerate project research; supports end-user implementation;
  • Capabilities:
  1. PI: create user; privilege management, such as activate and deactivate users; create instances;
  2. Choose images
  3. Budget Billing functions: six hours;
  4. Storage Operations: S3, glacier,
  • use case:
  1. PI to use and manage computing resource.
  2. API access for AIST cloud
  • Questions:
  • How could the PI of AIST engage the AIST cloud?
Design An application form: how many people, project agreement, security training, and PI to create user account
  • How many projects are on the AIST cloud?
Four projects are set up on the AIST cloud.
Any comments or feedback, can email to Shelby.
  • Summer session:
  • recommend speakers to present at the application of cloud computing session; sends emails to Thomas
  • For workshop: request resource from Amazon for workshop; or private cloud; AIST cloud;
  • How people set up the workshop? Another call is needed before the summer meeting; ten - fifteen for hands on workshop; resource management and enough people to help;
  • Expert panel: list the experts and questions.