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Sep 16, 2011 ESIP cloud computing cluster Telecon

Participants: Erin Robinson, Ken Keiser, Rich Martin, Thomas Huang, Phil Yang, Qunying Huang


  1. Cluster Objectives
  2. Cluster Activities
  3. Collaboration with other clusters
  4. Bi-annual ESIP meeting participation
  5. Technology Scope and outreach

Notes: Erin: Both Carol and Erin are excited about the establishment of the ESIP cloud computing cluster, which can help to provide cloud solutions and expertise for ESIP members, not necessary vendor specific, but get guidance from perspectives. It can tie and help other ESIP groups, such as Products and services committee’ Testbed, which could be no longer host in a single place, but in the cloud through virtual machines to spin up the development and deployment, and make the Testbed respond fast and quickly. Collaborating with ESIP Drupal cluster in module development, and cloud computing cluster can help for hosting collaborative developed codes and modules.


  1. How to help ESIP members to understand cloud computing in general.
  2. Enable ESIP communities to share experiences of adopting cloud computing, making data and service available, and how to tie them together.
  3. Help ESIP members by providing professional suggests and guidance for what cloud computing can do or how cloud computing can help when they seek for cloud solutions.
  4. Collaborative research on cloud computing architecture, reference model, new technologies


  1. Maintain email list
  2. Wiki page or other public website:
    1. Announcing and archiving the monthly telecons and other activities
    2. Introductions about cloud computing background
    3. New cloud computing products/services/technologies announcement
  3. Monthly Telecons: Run and Co-chair by Rich, Thomas and Phil, and Qunying will take notes
  4. Invited talks
    1. NASA cloud initiatives
    2. Cloud multi-breakage,
    3. Mobile cloud computing
  5. Searching engine to locate Cloud computing information
  6. Collaborate on proposal with other ESIP communities
  7. Commercial cloud talks
  8. Best practices/reference models


  1. Products and Services Committee Testbed: Serve a lot of applications
  2. Data groups: discovery, storing and accessing services
  3. ESIP Drupal cluster: hosting module development, share codes
  4. Use cloud computing to help where computing, storage are needed.
  5. Indirectly supporting other clusters by working with P&S, feeding to and hosting their own software packages


  1. Because of time constraints, winter meeting can only host two sessions in the morning or afternoon, can work with other committees/clusters/wgs to boost collaboration
  2. Topics could be
    1. NASA cloud computing initiatives/activies: Headquarter & Goddard (Phil will check), Ames and JPL (Thomas will check)
    2. Vendor session (just on Telecon for now)
    3. Technology session
    4. Hands-on experience
    5. Collaborating on proposals
    6. Creating connections, is the theme for winter meeting,

Technology scope outreach

  1. Erin: Cloud computing is not free, and small budget support could be provided for ESIP cloud computing cluster based on research plans.
  2. Circulate emails to find a budget to support this effort