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This wiki page intends to collect resources, document development effort, and present information that are relevant to Data Management Training Clearinghouse project.

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List of Educational Resources to add to the DMT Clearinghouse

NOTE: Use this list if you don't want to submit the resource to the DMT Clearinghouse yourself.

Project Introduction

The Data Management Clearinghouse project proposal was submitted in October 2015 in response to the Request for Proposal (RFP) from U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Community for Data Integration (CDI) Community for Data Integration. CDI has since accepted and awarded the Clearinghouse project in March 2016. The Clearinghouse project will focus its effort on collecting and annotating learning resources and, eventually, training events related to data management for Earth sciences.

Background / Related Project

Original Full Proposal Submitted to USGS CDI

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  • Overview of Objectives and Timeline (referenced from Page 10 of the project's full proposal)
Item No. Objectives Timeline
1 Establish the Clearinghouse as a subdomain on ESIP’s Drupal content management program, including the development of text for the landing pages, and the mechanisms to support the workflow described below. April 2016
2 Create a template, context-sensitive and online help guides to facilitate and promote consistency in the description of DMT resources. The template will associate the resources with the USGS Science Data Lifecycle model, and metadata schema including the Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) specification. April 2016
3 Develop criteria and timelines for peer review and editor evaluations of the metadata descriptions, and refine workflow process for creating, peer-reviewing, editing, and publishing metadata descriptions for the learning resources. April 2016
4 Using the template and workflow processes established, incorporate the descriptions of the DMT learning resources into the host environment and make them available for searching and browsing. May - August 2016
5 Assess and report on the submission, evaluation and sustainable review process for the DMT resources, and of additional, desired features for the Clearinghouse. September 2016

Meeting Agenda and Notes

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  • Breakout Session - Data Management Training (DMT) Working Group Update: Clearinghouse Project, Role-Based Data Management Topic Development, and the Next Installment of the Training Modules
  • "How To" talk - Where’d I see that data management training session again? Aha! It was on the ESIP DMT Clearinghouse!
  • Abstract: So, you’re a scientist, or maybe a data manager who’s tired of explaining WHY metadata is important, or a data curator who needs to know how to convert this brand-smackin’ new format into the more tried & true format required by your data repository – doesn’t matter who you are, you need some training about data management related issues!! How do you go about finding the training information you need quickly? Thanks to seed funding from the USGS Community for Data Integration, a Data Management Training working group under the ESIP Data Stewardship Committee is in the process of creating & implementing a moderated, crowd-sourced Clearinghouse. The descriptions within the Clearinghouse for the data management training materials will reside on the ESIP Commons and made widely discoverable through Internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo. This session will demonstrate how anyone with knowledge about data management training resources or events can contribute brief descriptive information about them, and also search for other resources or events. This brief demo is a preview for a longer breakout session in which we will provide more background, and invite you to give feedback on the interface and functionality of the fledgling resource.

  • Breakout Session - Data Management Training Resources Survey and Clearinghouse Project Report


Working Documents

  • This document includes Timeline for the project.