CEW Statement

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Christine E. White
Geospatial Product and Project Manager
Esri, Redlands, CA

“The Products and Services (P&S) Committee manages the ESIP Testbed: our federation-wide resource for developing Federation earth science products and services. The P&S committee also works to identify, encourage, and advertise best practices for earth science data, which are exemplified not only in the Testbed but captured in documentation, links, and templates on the ESIP wiki.

The Testbed is a valuable resource, and the P&S Committee has done the groundwork to create precedents for leveraging the Testbed and opening it to a variety of ESIP efforts. As P&S Chair, I will coordinate the Committee to continue the good work, especially in clearly communicating how the Testbed can be used throughout ESIP, and supporting projects as they are deployed there. I will also coordinate the committee in the creation and curation of clear and up to date best practice documentation which the whole ESIP community can use.

I will bring to this leadership opportunity the project and product management skills I have honed through daily use in my work at Esri to coordinate the P&S team, communicate among the other ESIP Committees, and regularly bring ideas from these communications to the broader ESIP Leadership. The software interoperability and development process knowledge I’ve gained through working on Open Source and Open Data projects at Esri will be of value with the more technical aspects of coordinating the Testbed and the variety of projects deployed there.

Thanks for reading – I’m excited to serve in ESIP leadership, and am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves with this position!”