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The Council of Data Facilities (CDF) is a federation of existing and emerging geoscience data facilities that serves as an effective cyberinfrastructure foundation for domain and interdisciplinary earth system science. The main goals of the cluster are to:

  • Serving as a platform to exchange experiences and discuss topics of common interest;
  • Provide a collective voice on behalf of the member data facilities to the NSF and other foundations and associations, as appropriate;
  • Identify, endorse, and promote standards and best or exemplary practices in the organization and operation of a data facility;
  • Collaborate with standard-setting bodies with respect to shared feedback on standards for data, models, software sharing interoperability, metadata, and related matters;
  • Identify opportunities for and supporting the development and utilization of shared cyberinfrastructure, professional staff development and training, and other related activities.

The Council of Data Facilities has served as an important organization for data facilities under EarthCube. With the end of EarthCube, we see ESIP as a synergistic place to continue the CDF work.

The CDF fills an ongoing need as a communication platform for the data facility community. While the CDF identifies and addresses specific shorter-term goals, it also fills a continuing role as a communication hub for data facilities.


  • Welcome to the CDF Cluster! If you are interested in geosciences data facilities, please join us!



  • Next Meeting: March 20, 2024 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Eastern Time
    • Guest Speaker: CJ Woodford (World Data System - International Techology Office)
    • Topic: Global Open Research Commons report
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  • Contact Chair:
    • Nick Jarboe (njarboe at earthref dot org)
    • Karen Stocks (Co-Chair) (kstocks at ucsd dot edu)