Beth Huffer Candidate Statement 2021

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Beth Huffer, Founder and President at Lingua Logica LLC, Candidate for At-Large Board Member

Thank you for this opportunity to run for an at-large position on the ESIP board of directors. It would be an honor to serve on the board and I am grateful for your consideration.

I am the founder and President of Lingua Logica LLC, a technology company specializing in knowledge management for scientific research. As a company that provides contract support for NASA, Lingua Logica has a foot in both the private and the public sectors. I’ve personally worked on knowledge representation, formal logic modeling, and implementation of semantic technologies for several U.S. Government agencies including the FAA, DOD, DHS, and NASA, and have worked in the private and academic sectors at Cycorp, HIGHFLEET, Microsoft, and the University of Groningen, The Netherlands, among others. I’m the principal investigator for AMP: An Automated Metadata Pipeline, a project of NASA’s Advanced Information Systems Technology Program. I am the former chair of the ESIP Semantic Technology Committee, and the current co-chair of the Air Quality Cluster.

I’ve been a member of ESIP since I began working with NASA in 2011, and attended my first ESIP meeting in January 2012. I don’t think I’ve missed a meeting since. I love ESIP for the incredibly close-knit and collaborative community that it fosters. The opportunities to learn new things are abundant. The sense of community within ESIP lets members work together as colleagues and collaborators, rather than competitors, and we all genuinely root for each other’s success.

I’ve been a successful small business owner in the Earth science technology field for 9 years, and in this, as well as in previous jobs, I have been a successful team builder and leader, handling budget management responsibilities, human resources management, business development, and contract negotiations, while still staying personally involved in research and development of innovative knowledge management technologies. I served as the Semantic Tech Committee co-chair for two years, with Tom Narock, and then became the Committee’s chair, in which role I served for an additional two years. With Tom, I helped start and grow the annual GeoSemantic Workshop, and helped launch the ESIP Community Ontology Repository. As a member of the board, I will bring my business acumen, my management skills, and my knowledge of the Earth science technology field to help ESIP achieve its strategic and tactical goals.

Thank you again for your consideration.