BH Statement

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

I am the founder and President of Lingua Logica. I'm a philosopher and a lover of logic, semantics, ontology and data and I've been working in the semantic technology field since 1998, when I joined the Cyc Project in Austin, Texas. I have worked on knowledge representation, formal logic modeling, and implementation of semantic technologies for U.S. Government agencies including the FAA, the DOD, and NASA, and in the private and academic sectors at Cyc, HIGHFLEET, Microsoft, and the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. Currently, I provide contractor support to NASA's Atmospheric Science Data Center at Langley Research Center.

I am really happy to have this opportunity to run for chair of the Semantic Technologies Committee. I've been part of the Semantic Web Cluster for about 5 years, and for the past year, have been the co-chair of the Semantic Technologies Committee. Under Tom Narock's excellent leadership, the Semantic Tech Committee has been working to make semantic technologies accessible and productive for the Earth science community and I hope to continue that effort, making outreach and collaboration a priority for the committee in the coming year. Data stores are often like buried treasure, hiding a wealth of knowledge that must be painstakingly extracted. Semantic technologies offer the potential to transform these buried treasures into valuable community resources. I hope to work with the Semantic Technology Committee to identify and evangelize semantic solutions for the data-related issues confronting Earth science, and to engage with the ESIP community and the broader Earth science community to leverage these solutions to help achieve our shared scientific objectives.