August 30, 2010

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

visioneers Telecon August 30, 2010


Visioneers Telecon – August 30, 2010 Present: Bruce Caron Brian Rogan Carol Meyer Karl Benedict Annette Schloss Tyler Stevens Rob Raskin Ana Prados LuAnn Dahlman, NOAA Emily Law, JPL Bruce Wilson Brand Nieman Kerry Tilifer, Information Associates

Recap of Summer Meeting

Workshop Discussion

It was noted in the evaluation of the summer meeting that there was a need to distinguish between a workshop and a presentation. There should be activities that include interaction between the participants and there should be a defined learning objective. It was asked if it would be worth posting the presentations from an exemplary workshop to show people what it means to have a more active means of instruction. There was a general consensus that it would be a good idea. It might be an worthwhile to have people give a description of their workshop that might involve downloading materials ahead of time. It needs to be hands on and an interactive experience. What you are expected to download or exercise ahead of time would be helpful.

Open Meeting Discussion

The open day had a lot of offerings and we need to be able to have a way for people to get to more presentations than they were able to attend. It would help if the idea of the Open Meeting Day could return to its roots. Could there be a way to set rooms aside for evolving meetings versus meetings that are established. Might there be too much going on for a full day of Open Meetings?

People did not sign up for open meeting offerings. Rather than allow it to be more “open”, the open meetings were more set in stone and people did not realize they were able to offer a session. Should we allow for tracks to get locked down but also have time for meetings to “evolve” where necessary? If we set aside rooms for “emergent activities” would that serve the same purpose? It might be worth renaming what it might be called; possibly “emergent meetings”. It seems as if people have lost the purpose of what an ESIP meeting is all about. Kerry Tilfer offered her perspective as a new attendee. It would have helped her to have had a more general meeting which would allow for an ESIP orientation. It was noted that for the ESIP education workshops, the teachers were given an orientation on ESIP at the very beginning.

Action items

It might be worth creating a workshop template that could be used by presenters who put together. Bruce will put together something that could be used for this purpose for the next meeting.

The Open Meeting idea will be “rebranded”

It might be worth having a check box for new attendees and offer a telecon online for orientation for those who would be interested.

Preliminary Planning for Winter Meeting

The hotel is the Dupont Renaissance for the meeting. The theme for the meeting was discussed; Several ideas were put forth including Metrics. It was determined that while this topic would provide a value to the federation, it wasn’t broad enough to draw interest. Rob Raskin raised the idea of how we evaluate the impact of what earth science data and information does. There might be a way to learn from George Washington University to see what they do. They have a semi-annual evaluators institute and they might be able to have them to the meeting to help ESIP do metrics better to get a better return on the investment on collecting data and doing science. What is the impact of that data being used by a large range of organization and constituencies? It was noted that, increasingly, the communities will need to report more on metrics and we could be in on the ground floor and education other communities on how to do a better job.

LuAnn suggested the idea of using Making Data Matter of an overarching theme. It might be too broad but could have a sub title that would help to focus the theme. The winter meeting has more plenary time and has larger strands that can attract people to give talks. The hotels have larger rooms at greater costs, so we try to do what makes sense in DC.

Action Items

The next task is to look for a data related theme for the next call

Topics will be added to the Visioneers Wiki page

Summer Meeting 2011

There was a discussion of having the meeting a week earlier in order to move the meeting to Santa Fe. Carol has posted the information on both the Albuquerque and Santa Fe locations. Both locations could offer the government per diem rate. Other locations in Santa Fe were much more expensive and could not accommodate us for the space we would need. A call was made to St John’s College but there has been no response. The hotels were much more open to dealing with us as a group. There needs to be a quick decision about locking in a location. There are plusses and minuses to each location. Santa Fe has a lot more attractions and close walking distance to the downtown area. Once they get there they can settle in. In Albuquerque, the lack of adjoining hotel is a problem. The closest is a Mariott is a three mile drive from the University. Most of the other hotels are a distance away from the university.

It seems as if Santa Fe is more conducive to keeping the group more cohesive rather than the problems with Albuquerque where people would be all over the city. There was a consensus that Santa Fe was the better choice for a meeting rather than Albuquerque.

Carol will take up the change with the ExCom next week.

The next telecon will be September 20th at 2 PM EST.

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