August 22

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP Decisions Cluster

August 22, 2012


Based on the survey, we are exploring the idea of taking a case study and doing more in depth analysis on where we would do an assessment, using the logic model, doing hands-on workshop.

>> a premeeting webinar could have an online component (using the logic model ahead of time) that is better for the actual workshop; this would arm the attendees with good questions at the workshop itself. >> this could demonstrate that the logic model, which would also help in proposal writing >> people could share information on what they are working on >> we could also get tutorials from kellogg foundation on how to use a logic model

This would not be to suggest that people should always do their own evaluation; but they could set up their project so as to make it easier. Knowing boundaries would be useful. In this sense, asking the right questions would help to get a better evaluation.


There is interest in following up on this; it might be good to bring Josh since he is based in DC.

We will also check with Brian to see if there is something more in depth regarding the stakeholder framework and to see if his materials are online.

We have not decided if it would be better to have a one-day or a two-day session.