Attribute Convention for Data Discovery ISO Translation Notes

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

The translation between the Attribute Conventions for Data Discovery is subject to a number of assumptions or conventions described here.


The ACDD includes several types of people:

ACDD Attributes ISO Locations
creator_name, creator_email, creator_url, institution citation/citedResponsibleParty role=originator
contributor_name, contributor_role citation/citedResponsibleParty role=originator or author (may need adjustment)
publisher_name, publisher_email, publisher_url citation/citedResponsibleParty role=publisher if in reference to traditional document publication MD_Distributor/distributorContact role=distributor if in reference to agent who is hosting the resource for access
project Project keyword, aggregation information (initiative type = project)


The ACDD includes several attributes that make sense as keywords in ISO:

ACDD Attributes ISO Locations
keywords theme keywords with thesaurus given by the keywords_vocabulary attribute
project Project keyword with unknown thesaurus and aggregation information (initiative type = project)
publisher_name Data Center keyword with unknown thesaurus
standard_names for parameters theme keywords with thesaurus = standard_name_vocabulary

Translation Revisions

Several changes were introduced into Version 2.0.2 of the stylesheet for transforming NcML to ISO in order to improve the rubric score for the resulting ISO metadata. The changes included:

  1. Including netcdf/@location in transform as distribution onlineResource
  2. Added tagname to writeResponsibleParty so that responsibleParties with

different UML roles could be supported (i.e. contact vs. distributor)

  1. Added urlName and urlDescription to writeResponsibleParty to add

content to the onlineResource

  1. Moved publisher from citation to distributor and included publisher_name as a dataCenter keyword.
  2. Added project as a keyword with type=project
  3. Added distributionInfo section to ISO if publisher or location exist.