Attendee List

From Federation of Earth Science Information Partners

Introduction The page is a projected/anticipated list of attendees for the GeoSemantics Symposium. Please register yourself and any specific interests you may have and we will make efforts to accommodate your agenda.

Name Contact Email Affiliation Ongoing Testbed Project Speaker Additional Information
Lewis John McGibbney [email protected] NASA JPL No Yes I would like to present the Apache Any23 technology as a demonstration and would also like to meet with someone representing NASA GCMD with the aim of better understanding the semantics behind this resource.
Leslie Hsu [email protected] USGS Overlaps with NOAA EDM Day 2 but will attend when I can!
Cyndy Chandler [email protected] WHOI
Emily Law [email protected] NASA/JPL
Bob Arko [email protected] UNOLS/R2R
Ruth Duerr [email protected] Ronin Institute
Adam Shepherd [email protected] WHOI
Doug Fils [email protected] Ocean Leadership
Bob Downs [email protected] Columbia
Nancy Hoebelheinrich [email protected] Knowledge Motifs
Brandon Whitehead [email protected]
Josh Lieberman [email protected] OGC
Bhaskar Ramachandran [email protected] NASA/GSFC
Danie Kinkade [email protected] WHOI
Dalia Varanka [email protected] USGS
Mostafa Elag [email protected]
Gary Berg-Cross [email protected]
Line Pouchard [email protected] Purdue University
Scott Peckham [email protected] U. Colorado
Margaret O'Brien [email protected] U. California, Santa Barbara
Lindsay Barbieri [email protected] University of Vermont
Tyler Stevens [email protected] NASA GCMD
David Blodgett [email protected] USGS Office of Water Information
Marshall Ma [email protected] University of Idaho
Jane Wyngaard [email protected] Notre Dame
Andrea Thomer [email protected] University of Illinois
Yongyao Jiang [email protected] George Mason University
Brian Wee [email protected] Neptune and Company, Inc.
Maria Stoica [email protected] University of Colorado
Sky Bristol [email protected] USGS
Justin Goldstein [email protected] NOAA/NESDIS/TPIO
Adam Leadbetter [email protected] Marine Institute, Ireland No No AM only
Don Stott [email protected] NCAR
Jessica Hausman [email protected]v JPL/PO.DAAC
David Reed [email protected] George Mason University
Audrey Mickle [email protected] MBLWHOI Library/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution