April 28

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

on the call: Rob Raskin, Carol Meyer, Ana Prados, Debbie Belvedere, Steve Kempler

most of the discussion focused on the Summer Decisions tracks

Ana and Carol working on finding someone to provide a Science Communications workshop (half a day) during the meeting.

Talk to our contacts with NOAA RISAS about potential participation

NASA Langley - provides data for decision support in the renewable energy sector, identify decision makers using the data to speak at the meeting.

Ecological forecasting: another area where we may be able to find decision-makers to speak at the meeting.

Cluster has two 90 minute sessions available.

May telecon will need to be postponed or be a week earlier - Ana unavailable the 4th Weds (our regular telecon time). Ana to send out an announcement to the cluster about that.