Approved Excom Minutes/Excom 2016/June 2016

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Emily Law, President
Christine White, VP
Danie Kinkade, Chair, Partnership
Ken Keiser, Chair, C&B
Bob Arko, Type I Rep
LuAnn Dahlman, Chair, Education
Ethan Davis, Chair, IT & I
Justin Goldstein, Chair, Data Stewardship
Soren Scott, Chair, P & S
Bill Teng, Chair, Finance
Tom Narock, Chair, Semantic Tech
Kathy Fontaine, Guest, RDA
Annie Burgess, Staff
Rebecca Fowler, Staff


  1. Approval of May Minutes
    • Christine White motioned to approve the May minutes. LuAnn Dahlman seconded.
  2. President's Report
    • Highlights
      • ESIP Evaluation: Bernuth and Williamson (B&W) held 2 telecons on organizational capacity diagnostics with the staff, Erin, Foundation for Earth Science Board members (Karl, Bill) and ESIP C&B chair, Ken, and me to perform an organizational capacity diagnostic on ESIP. The agenda is here and conversations covered ESIP aspirations and strategy, current organization structure and skills, business model and processes in place. The discussion is one part of the research that will allow us to start a straw-person governance framework in preparation for the upcoming pre-ESIP meeting workshop in which we will review evaluation results and work towards a consolidated ESIP/Foundation structure.
      • Understanding Risk (UR) Forum 2016: I attended the fourth global forum of the UR Community held in May in Venice Italy. UR is a global community of practitioners interested in the field of disaster risk assessment and communication, largely targeting the development countries/regions. Many good presentations were given along with discussions on how to deal with risk in various aspects ( technological, scientific, political and social). The UR community shares some of the same key challenges we are facing (e.g., diverse data source, users, etc). There are synergies between us. I plan to follow up with contacts that might lead to future collaboration opportunities.
    • Heads-up
      • OSTP RFI: OSTP is requesting input on the 2017 National Plan for Civil Earth Observations on 10 specific questions. The Foundation Board is currently documenting response to those questions. A draft will be available for ExCom to review and comment no later than June 24. Final response will be submitted to OSTP by July 1st.
  3. Staff Report
    • Highlights
      • Erin - May 24 Erin attended the Open Data Round Table supporting the Climate activities of ( and the AGU Data Management Maturity Model Advisory Board. AGU is very pleased with ESIP's support for outreach. We have obtained meeting sponsorship from Esri and UCAR - thanks! FES Finance Committee has started the FY17 budget preparation. There will be a call for Committee budgets coming. ESIP Evaluation survey is out. Please share with your group!
      • Annie B. - Meet with five AIST PIs to start the next round of evaluations. Attended the Community Leadership Summit in Austin, TX. Continue to curate the content for the Summer Meeting.
      • Rebecca - Managing redesign of ESIP meetings site; wrote NASA and NOAA progress reports; managing Research as Art submissions; updating website text.
      • Annie K. - Working on the final details of the 2016 Summer Meeting and starting the logistics for the 2017 Winter Meeting.
    • Actions:
      • Make Summer travel plans. Contact Annie K.
      • Contribute to the AGU Data Blog - contact Rebecca
      • Use the ImHere App on your next Telecon!
  4. Committee Reports
    • C&B
      • Participation in survey discussions/activities. No other C&B activities this month.
    • Finance
      • Working on finalizing discussing notes/documents on processes to go into C&B's P&P wiki page.
      • Good examples of reporting out of funded activities, in the form of blogs, by Drupal WG.
    • Partnership
      • New member voting period closes June 16 (need to double check with Annie). Partnership will coordinate with Emily to send new member welcome letter and packet. Danie will follow up, and welcome/encourage Summer Meeting attendance. Other activities include socializing the draft ESIP code of conduct, and a poster for Summer Meeting.
    • Data Stewardship
      • During our last meeting, we heard from Ge Peng about the status of her Data Stewardship Maturity Matrix work and from Nate James (GSFC) about the status of NASA ESDIS's use of DOIs. No further updates at this time.
    • Education
      • We are wrapping up plans for our 1-day educator's workshop in Durham.
    • IT&I
      • Tech Dive Webinar series
        • 9 June 2016: "Dive into Docker": Kyle Wilcox, Dave Foster and Shane StClair: Axiom Data Science
        • 13 July 2016: "The NOAA OneStop Data Discovery and Access Framework Project": Ken Casey, NOAA/NCEI
    • Nominations
      • Nothing to report. Expect to start getting questions about whether you will continue in leadership positions shortly after the summer meeting.
    • Products & Services
      • Held the joint EarthCube/ESIP Software Assessment workshop (June 1-3 2016, Boulder, CO). Strong interest in continuing those collaborations from both sides and on ESIP taking the lead for recommended practices/directed guidance to support EC's higher level goals and the broader geo/earth science communities. EC report will be available by their July AH meeting; ESIP's following the summer meeting (as part of the larger community activities this year).
      • Starting discussions on evolving the testbed within ESIP, both from the governance perspective and supporting different types of activities.
    • Semantic Technology
      • Participating in the EarthCube Semantics call on June 15. EarthCube is interested in knowing what ESIP is doing in regards to Semantic Technologies and where collaboration options might exist
      • Working on a tutorial session for the summer meeting to present semantics and semantic activities to broader ESIP community
  5. Type Rep Reports
    • Type I (Bob) - Continuing to gather and correlate data (see Google Sheet) between registries. To discuss at Summer Meeting.
    • Type II
    • Type III
  6. Other Business
    • Significant contributions to highlight in the State of the Federation - Emily, Christine, Annie
    • GEO Program Committee Report - Kathy
      • The GEO program board meet at the beginning of May. Kathy's involvement was mostly with the Program Board who manages the overall direction of the Work Plan and provides guidance to the Executive Committee. GEO is always looking for use cases about how to quantify users, datasets and have effective community interactions; GEO sees connection with ESIP on these items. There is also a need for leadership around the global coordination of in situ data. GEO put out a call for exhibit space for the November Plenary in St. Petersburg.
    • 2017 Theme Discussion
      • Some introductory discussion happened in Visioneers around the 2017 theme. Visioneers would like ExCom to discuss the theme.
    • There will be no ExCom meeting in July.