Approved Excom Minutes/Excom 2015/June 2015

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


  • Peter Fox, President
  • Sophie Hou, Student Fellow, Data Stewardship
  • Denise Hills, Nomination Committee
  • Ken Keiser, Chair, C&B
  • Tyler Stevens, Chair, Partnership
  • Ethan Davis, Chair, IT&I
  • Christine White, Chair, Products and Services
  • Erin Robinson, Staff
  • Annie Burgess, Staff
  • Chris Lenhardt, Guest

Executive Committee Business

  1. Approval of May Minutes
    Denise motioned to approve Minutes as amended and Christine seconded. The minutes were approved by acclamation.
  2. President's Report
    • State of the Federation - Annie is on board and will be reaching out for input to State of Federation
    • Summer Meeting - Please register for the Summer Meeting by June 15
    • Nominations Season - Start thinking of nominations and please let Denise know. We are looking for multiple award nominations and leadership positions.
    • Budget cycles for Federation and Foundation - Hoping to have something more definitive.
  3. Executive Director Report (Soon to be staff report)
    • FES Budget - Currently, spinning up the FES finance committee; There will be progress after the July meeting.
    • Community Director Report - Alaska Satellite Member Highlight went out this month. AB is also adding an ESIP Interview as a new content feature; Starting a new event at the Summer Meeting, Collaboration Area Showcase - where we will highlight ESIP Collaboration Area work
  4. Summer Meeting 2015
    • Agenda, Accommodations & Registration (Member/excom)
    • Logistics/Accommodations - Room block will close on June 15;
    • Agenda Update - Finalized all breakout locations;
    • Special Events - Community Resilience Workshop (1/2 day on Wednesday); Education Workshop (Call for CA Teachers)
  5. Strategic Plan Update
    • Workspace & Roadmap - Denise Hills and Chris Lenhardt shared update of strategic plan. Share at the Summer Meeting - Introduce in the State of the Federation; Final feedback for comments starting. Annie will migrate documents to the online space.
  6. Committee Reports
    • Partnership - The new members are up for review. Please review/comment on the draft Code of Conduct
    • C&B - Ken pulled together all electronic votes. Moving forward those votes need to be reported out at the annual assembly meeting; There is a request from the Semantic Web cluster to be added as a committee. Is the vote electronic or wait?
      • The group discussed the semantic technology application to become a new committee. There was a concern that committees might be too easy to form. It has not happened very often; It allows the group to be more visible and accountable to the larger community. ExCom will need to approve the application and then the Assembly will follow-up. Ken will vet the application through C&B. Ken will draft email to ExCom with current state to consider.
    • Data Stewardship - Sophie Hou reported that the committee is exploring additional funding opportunities and opportunities for publication; Looking for new projects for the second half of the year. There are several sessions at the Summer Meeting; Recently accepted publication on the Data Management Short Course. We are looking for ESIP participants for GEO Data Management Principles work group.
    • Education - No report
    • IT&I - Rants & Raves coming up; This Thurs - NDS will present; August - Rich Signell, USGS; In addition to rants/raves, the group is considering updating the interoperapedia and data recipes.
    • Nominations - Please reach out to Denise on nomination ideas. If you are a current chair willing to run again, please let Denise know.
    • P&S - (1) Two new RFP's out. In the first RFP, there is a new special *fast track* RFP. The second RFP is a prototype assessment on AIST prototypes. (2) FUNding Friday - Will we have a happy hour to network for FUNding Friday evening? Move it to after dinner, 7-8:30 hang out.
  7. Type Rep Reports
    • No Type Rep reports
  8. Other Business
    • No July Meeting