Approved Excom Minutes/Excom 2015/February 2015

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

February Excom Call - 2015-02-10, 3 ET


  • LuAnn Dahlman, Chair, Education
  • Peter Fox, President
  • Justin Goldstein, Chair, Data Stewardship
  • Denise Hills, Nomination Committee
  • Ken Keiser, Chair, C&B
  • Danie Kinkade, Type I Rep
  • Emily Law, Vice President
  • Tyler Stevens, Chair, Partnership
  • Bill Teng, Chair, Ficom
  • Curt Tilmes
  • Christine White, Chair, Products and Services
  • Dan Keyes, Staff

Executive Committee Business

  1. Adoption of minutes
    • Christine motioned to accept the minutes as presented and Emily Law seconded the motion. The minutes for November and January were approved by acclamation.
  2. President’s report
    • DC Visit - March 4/5 Erin and Peter will meet with USGS, NASA & NOAA to discuss opportunities facing the federation
    • Briefing package slide deck - a way to communicate with sponsors about where we are and how they could participate
    • ESIP Budget - In order to get ESIP’s budget needed Quickbooks to be reformed. This will allow us to generate reports and submit budget categories.
    • ESIP is getting approached by groups wanting ESIP’s endorsement. To date we’ve handled these in an ad hoc way. Peter gave an example of how the process worked for data citation. He then opened the topic up for discussion.
      • Action: Need to write process down on wiki page
      • Q - Example requests? What type would be for Executive Committee vs. What goes to Assembly?
        • Financial impact or how ESIP runs - Assembly as a whole
      • Need to disseminate to the appropriate lists or ESIP-All and have a comment period before ExCom reviews ( 2 weeks over email)
  3. ED Report
    • Community Manager position has been advertised. Review will begin Feb. 20. (Link)
    • Visionairs met last Monday and this past Monday. Theme ideas are coming together (Wiki page)
    • Software & Data Citation workshop in DC; Very interested in ESIP stewarding software citation in addition to ESIP Data Citation Guidelines
    • ESIP 202 in February. Recording is posted on the ExCom page.
  4. Committee Reports
    • Strategic Plan - There is a workspace on the wiki to keep artifacts. Emily is scheduling meeting with each of the collaboration area chairs specifically about how they could fit
    • C&B - Trying to gear up for activity this year. Ken is following up with Erin
    • Ficom - There were four budget requests. Drupal and Data Stewardship budget approved. Group received their first special project and the response is pending. A second special project request came from Science Software Cluster for publishing cost that was approved. Next telecon will address longer-term issues. Link to special projects:
    • Partnership - Updating the strategic plan with Partnership contributions. No new members for the spring. The group will begin the clean-up of non-active ESIP members.
    • Data Stewardship - Hook Hua presented on PROV-ES because there were interests; Group was also updated in CDF and Consortium for Data Publication. Q -Are telecons recorded? This might be a call of interest of wider interest. Could it be sent in the weekly update? Action: Need document outlining practice of recording or not? Need a wiki page, add to ESIP 202 and share with leads. Action: Add wiki page
    • Education - Interviewing long-standing Education members and planning to make contributions to strategic plan
    • IT&I - Need email update
    • Products & Service - P&S met end of January and began discussing the evolution of the testbed. One suggestion is a biannual hack-a-thon. The group will be working on the April CFP. P&S will also meet with Emily on strategic plan. Link to template:
      • Can plans be open? Will discuss with Erin and sponsor about how they feel about budget being shared.
    • Reminder: Collaboration is an option and explicitly encouraged.
  5. Type Rep Reports
    • There have been conversations about what Type Reps might do. Ted had suggested a Type rep cluster. There is an action to follow-up with Type Reps in separate conversation.
    • Type 1 - No report. Daniel had connected with Sara Graves and will follow-up on more ideas and will follow-up with her. Are there specific actions for ESIP to support CDF, since there seems to be an overlap.
    • Type 2 - Steve Richards absent
    • Type 3 - Ted Habermann absent
  6. Other Business
    • Future agenda items? Please send to Erin or Peter.

The meeting adjourned at 3:58 ET.