Approved Excom Minutes/Excom 2015/December2015

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


  • Peter Fox, President
  • Emily Law, Vice President
  • Denise Hills, Chair, Nomination Committee
  • Ken Keiser, Chair, C&B
  • Ethan Davis, Chair, IT&I
  • Christine White, Chair, Products and Services
  • Justin Goldstein, Chair, Data Stewardship
  • Bill Teng, Chair, FiCom
  • LuAnn Dahlman, Education
  • Ted Habermann, Type III Rep
  • Erin Robinson, Staff
  • Annie Burgess, Staff
  • Rebecca Fowler, Staff


  1. Approval of November Minutes
    Christine White motioned to approve Minutes and Denise Hills seconded. The minutes were approved by acclamation.
    Denise Hills motioned to approve the reformatted minutes for August through October and Emily Law seconded. The minutes were approved by acclamation.
  2. President's Report
    Peter Fox reported on three items: (1) There are no substantial updates on the relationship between the Foundation and Federation from the attorney. (2) There is currently no need for ExCom to approve a budget because of the evolving Federation/Foundation relationship. (3) ESIP was represented at GEO by Peter Fox, Erin Robinson and Rebecca Fowler, with the highlight being ESIP's recognition for its data-management and data-sharing principles. Peter also reported that there could be a role for ESIP to participate in the regional GEO efforts and he believes there is potential to look at the ESIP strategic plan relative to GEO's sustainable development goals.
  3. ESIP/FES Relationship
    There are two slots open for nomination to the Federation board, however Peter Fox made an executive decision that there is no plan to move forward with the election of Federation board members for this cycle because of the changing Federation/Foundation relationship.
    Erin Robinson will begin working with ESIP and FES leadership to communicate status of Foundation/Federation relationship to the ESIP Assembly so they are not surprised with the decision and details of the split.
  4. ESIP Budget
    There is no vote needed for the ESIP budget, however Peter Fox wanted ExCom to see the breakdown of the budget.
  5. Staff Reports
    Executive Director
    Erin Robinson reported that ESIP had a booth at GEO and noted that GEO is at an exciting time as they are moving from data sharing towards more impactful actions. Erin was at a meeting hosted by LTER data managers, who are starting a new cluster: Sustainable Environmental Data Management. Janet Fredericks will take over the leadership of EnviroSensing. There was a Foundation Board meeting this month and the board was very supportive of the direction the Foundation/Federation relationship is moving.
    Communication Director
    Rebecca Fowler is working on a lot of AGU-related activities. She sent out a google doc for ESIP members to add ESIP-related activities at AGU. Rebecca will also be releasing a press release about ESIP/AGU-related activities. AGU Ignite is on Wednesday. ESIP and AGU have partnered on a new blog, which will highlight data facilities, data scientists and how Earth scientists use and manage data.
    ESIP Community Director
    Annie Burgess reported that the final reports were submitted to NASA AIST on December 4th. Annie will also be soliciting feedback from AIST evaluators and PIs on how they felt the process went. Annie will discuss this process in depth at the Winter Meeting.
  6. Meeting Updates
    Winter Meeting
    The at-a-glance schedule is coming together, with a hard deadline to add content of December 21st. In an attempt to improve remote participation, it will only be provided in 3 rooms. Annie Burgess send out an email to solicit feedback on which sessions should have remote participation.
    Summer Meeting
    No updates.
  7. Committee Reports
    Bill Teng reported that the request for the FY16 budgets was sent out. Two budgets have been received: Education and Drupal. Ficom would like to have a process in place (in time for the ESIP 2016 Summer Meeting) on how people can request travel support for invited speakers.
    Erin Robinson reported that there are five new membership applications. They are posted on the partnership page for 30-days of review.
    Ken Keiser reported that C&B will start looking at the content of the Standing Rules document.
    Data Stewardship
    Justin Goldstein reported that Data Stewardship had its last telecon until after the Winter Meeting. The highlight of the call was the presentation from Shelly Stall, AGU, on her data management maturity work, which falls under the category of the data stewardship maturity matrix. The Data Stewardship committee looks forward to tying in AGU's work with what Data Stewardship has been doing. The EOS article written by several Data Stewardship committee members was published link.
    LuAnn Dahlman reported they had a unanimously approved budget request. The committee plans to implement a new set of professional development activities around drones.
    Ethan Davis had nothing to report.
    Denise Hills reported that the nominations process is complete. President, Vice President and Finance Committee chair have all confirmed that they are willing to run with the potential new duties. Denise informed those who had been nominated about the board position that those positions will not be elected and that they can run for other positions. She had asked for those who are running to put up a candidate statement by today.
    Products and Services
    Christine White reported that P&S had released an RFP for the Testbed with responses due December 1st. The TCB met to review the two submitted proposals, one from the Disaster Cluster and one from the Semantic Web cluster. There is discussion about how to leverage the Testbed Evaluation Framework for ESIP Testbed projects.
  8. Type Reports
    Type I
    No Type I report.
    Type 2
    No Type II report.
    Type 3
    Ted Habermann reported that he made an effort to reinvigorate the Type III email list. There was discussion about bringing Type IIIs together at the Winter Meeting for a happy hour to plan something larger for the Summer Meeting.
  9. Other Business
    Draft Winter Assembly Meeting Agenda
    Earth Systems Science Decadal Survey.
    • Action: Move the Earth Systems Science Decadal Survey conversation to email.