Air Quality Data Systems Assessment

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Air Quality Data Systems Assessment is now published

EPA needs these systems to serve EPA’s customers better and more efficiently

EPA cannot make the needed investments alone

There are many AQ data systems that operate independently, without a common vision.

GEOSS provides a global vision; it will take work and partnership to apply it to EPA.

EPA as a “user-focused Agency” can lead and invest in formal partnerships with defined goals and shared technical principles.

  • In the near-term, make minor re-alignment of current EPA systems and invest towards these principles, and, more importantly, establishing them in future investments.
  • A better functioning partnership will help EPA understand its unique role, the roles of other partners and help it focus and target its own resource investments.
  • EPA should establish an OAQPS Data Coordinator to lead the partnerships within and outside EPA and moving the science-to-operations process.
  • Refresh the list of OAQPS internal data priorities and establish a systems roadmap

towards them.

  • Focus on EPA’s data provider responsibilities: stewardship, basic access, and metadata collection and delivery.