Air Quality Cluster Participants

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Cluster Leads[edit | edit source]

Ross Bagwell, NASA/CTS
Glynis Lough, Battelle
Tim Dye, STI

Federation Participants[edit | edit source]

Stan Morain,EDAC/Univ. of New Mexico
Rita Freuder,University of New Hampshire
Gregory Leptoukh,NASA GSFC
Lawrence Friedl,NASA HQ
Drew Pilant,EPA-ORD
Hung Pham,RITI
Patricia Reiff,Rice University
Dave Skole,Michigan State University
Vic Delnore,NASA Langley
John Pickle,Museum of Science
Rudy Husar,Washington University
Steve Kempler,NASA GSFC
Howard Burrows,AUSI
Michelle Ferefee ,NASA-LaRC
Vince Ambrosia,CA State Univ - Monterey Bay / NASA-Ames
Gary Foley,EPA-ORD
Dave Jones,Storm Center
Dick Wertz,ESIP
Stefan Falke,Washington University
Gary Walter,US EPA
Val Garcia,US EPA
Karl Benedict,EDAC/Univ. of New Mexico
Penny Oots,NASA Langley
Michael Goodman,NASA
Hank Wolf,GMU
Bill Hudspeth, EDAC/Univ. of New Mexico
Bart Sponseller, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Ted Haberman, NOAA-NGDC
Terry Keating, EPA
Sanjeeb Bhoi, GMU
Deborah Belvedere, Center for Research on Environment and Water
Clyde Brown, NASA/LaRC
Liping Di, George Mason University
Dennis Diones, SAIC/NASA ASDC Langley
Ben Domenico, Unidata/UCAR
Noha Gaber, US Environmental Protection Agency
Karen Moe, Goddard Space Flight Center
Margaret Mooney, CIMSS/SSEC
MJ Morse, Museum of Science
Mohan Ramamurthy, Unidata/UCAR
Raj Singh, Open Geospatial Consortium
Brian Wilson, Jet Propulsion Lab
Jingli Yang, ERT, Inc
John McHenry, NCSU/Baron Advanced Meteorological Systems
Steve Young, EPA
Frank Lindsay, NASA HQ
Heidi Paulsen, EPA
John Kozimor, NOAA
Meixa Deng, GMU
Carla McAuliffe, TERC
Ana Prados, UMBC/JCET

Education Cluster Rep[edit | edit source]

Rita Freuder

Portal Working Group Rep[edit | edit source]

Stefan Falke, interim

Major Communities of Interest[edit | edit source]

State Environmental Agencies
Regional Planning Organizations
US Forest Service

Issue Areas for Current Focus[edit | edit source]

Smoke from wildfires

Relevant Federation Products and Services[edit | edit source]

Task: identify Cluster sub-group to work with ESIP Products&Services Committee

Key User Groups Targeted in each Issue Area[edit | edit source]

Air quality researchers, modelers, and planners

Inaugural Pilot Projects or Use Cases[edit | edit source]

Interoperability with EPA Remote Sensing Information Gateway;
Connections with EPA AMI projects;
Ineraction with Bluesky smoke model;
Access of GSFC DAAC data;
Development of air pollution event search tool

Relevant Decision Support Tools[edit | edit source]


Current External Technical Collaborators[edit | edit source]

Val Garcia, Gary Walter, US EPA

Desired New Collaborators[edit | edit source]

Task for cluster prior to summer meeting

Planned EIE Portal Content[edit | edit source]

DataFed OGC Services (EPA, NASA, NOAA, & other datasets)

Educational Tools Available[edit | edit source]

Educational Tools Desired[edit | edit source]

Outside Participants Sought for 2006 Summer Meeting[edit | edit source]

EPA: Ed Washburn, Steve Young, Terry Keating
NOAA: Val Garcia
US Forest Service: Scott Goodrick

Principal Objectives for 2006 Summer Meeting[edit | edit source]

Progress of projects - focus on smoke project planning;
Outline air quality version of NASA 'Integrated System Solution' diagram, i.e. describe what we mean by 'air quality informatics' and where we all 'fit in' on the diagram
Identify cross-cluster activities with Public Health;
Identify IEI WG rep;

Potential Roles in USGEO[edit | edit source]

Task for cluster prior to summer meeting