Agclimate telecon 2017-06-06

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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  • Presentations by USDA Northern Plains Climate Hub (NPCH) et al.
    • [5-10 min] Windy Kelley, Regional Extension Program Coordinator, USDA NPCH & University of Wyoming Extension
    • [20-30 min] Crystal Powers and Rick Stowell, University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Scenario Planning for Resilient Beef Systems
      • Abstract: "Resiliency to weather extremes is, on one hand, a topic that farmers and ranchers in the Northern Plains are already familiar with due to the typical wide range in temperature and moisture conditions, but now climate change is adding new uncertainties that make it difficult to know best practices for the future. In this project, our Extension team used scenario planning with beef system stakeholders to discover robust adaptive management options, prioritize Extension programming needs, and provide an open forum for discussion."
  • did not get to these items:
    • [5 min] Status on planning for ESIP Summer
    • [10 min] OSF for CRT "pipeline"

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