Agclimate telecon 2017-02-07

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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  • Postscript on ESIP 2017 Winter Meeting: How did it go, follow-ups, new connections, ... [10 min]
    • CRT Workshop (~10 attendees)
    • UASs/Drones in Agriculture (~25 attendees)
    • Jeff Campbell, USDA ARS LTAR (@ Nat'l Ag Libe), participation in ESIP Information Quality Cluster session. Future telecon presentation (?)
    • Poster on CRT and storytelling; also A&C poster
    • Other?
  • Dr. Steve Thomson, USDA NIFA, "Smarter Farming" [30 min, incl Q&A]
  • Planning for 2017 [15 min]
    • CRT Pipeline process and case study repository
    • Schedule of telecons, tentative topics, speakers, etc.
    • Agriculture Summit at OGC Delft TC ( (from Josh L.)
    • ESIP 2017 Summer (Bloomington): Possible joint sponsorship of UAS in Ag session with USDA NIFA?

Telecon Notes
February Telecon Notes

  • From Josh Lieberman post-telecon: Agriculture Summit at OGC Delft TC "will be a half-day session open to OGC members and anyone else who would like to attend, looking at geospatial and geosemantic interoperability issues in the emerging field of agricultural data analytics. Some of the topics will include standards work on soils, weather, and water; crop data exchange protocols; agricultural sensor observations; and agricultural machinery telematics." There is a planning Web conference on Thursday, Feb. 9, 9 am EST.

Bruce Caron
Bill Teng
Nancy Hoebelheinrich
Arif Albayrak
Steve Thomson
Brian Wee
Lindsay Barbieri