Agclimate telecon 2016-03-01

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Agenda (Joint with Energy & Climate Work Group) + notes from a "pre-telecon" last week

Following up on CRT Case Studies

  • Modifying current "template" to be more in the form of the "basic story" (i.e., this happened, then that happened, ..., oh, but then, ...)
  • Possibly reverse engineer existing CRT Case Studies to derive a template?
  • Defining "hand-off point"
  • Within-ESIP award(s) for best Case Studies (?)
  • Generalize to an ESIP-wide pipeline for CRT Case Studies (?)

Planning for Chapel Hill (ideas for sessions)

  • NCSE and its January conference with the theme, Food-Energy-Water Nexus (; Nexus theme and the storytelling aspect. Get Brian's input.
  • Re-connect with USDA ARS LTAR. Its data system component is being done by a group at the NAL (National Agriculture Library), the same group that just became an ESIP member in January. Jeff Campbell, the lead for this component, was at the Winter meeting.
  • Continue with the case study theme, jointly with Energy & Climate.
    • Forrest Melton (NASA Ames) couldn't participate in the Winter meeting, because of schedule conflicts. His could be one of the case studies.
    • Ray Hunt could be another, thus connecting case study with UAV.
    • Amir AghaKouchak (UV Irvine), who presented at ESIP Summer 2015, couldn't make the Winter 2016 Meeting. A possible for Summer 2016.

Bill's action item from Feb. telecon: Get status of Amir's case study ==> "Phu [UCI postdoc] is now writing an article for BAMS on a system designed for improving public access and use of remote sensing products (mainly precipitation information). Once his article is ready, I will initiate the discussion to get a case study out of it. Might take another month or two." So, Amir and/or Phu participating in another CRT Case Study Workshop in Chapel Hill is a possibility.

Meeting notes (from Chris)

Chris Beltz (Student Fellow)
Arif Albayrak
Rebecca Fowler
Nancy Hoebelheinrich
Bill Teng
Erin Robinson
Erica Zell