Agclimate telecon 2014-10-07

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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  • David Augustine (USDA ARS) to discuss use case(s).
    • 2 Ideas proposed by David A.:
  1. LTAR increased focus on soil moisture - hydrology and water retention : network of soil moisture sensors (experimental cattle ranch) Lot of work could do to fill in gaps between satellite and ground
  2. Also how much could learn from the combination of soil moisture and satellite combo with cattle weight gain. (temporal variation)

Spatial resolution of the different products? Gridded products are all in the quarter to tenth of a degree range

    • What would be the coarsest resolution acceptable to David A.?: 1.5 Km or 1 mile
    • Most producers don't have what they (ARS) have - establish these relationships first (between ground measurements and, e.g., cattle weight gain)
    • 16,000 acre station has: 3 met stations 4 miles apart and 25 locations with sensors to measure soil moisture (28 total)
    • Think we can work to establish relationships between - at large scales extrapolation- not at small scale - at climate hubs and drought mitigation center
    • Could use some of the stations as test sites
    • Talking about how to get the data -capturing that within spreadsheet
    • Bill to send spreadsheet and examples to David Augustine DONE

Call for other ideas to discuss during the meeting One thought: Obstacles of data resolution in application to other endeavors What have people done with that in the past? Others?

Attendees: Arif Albayrak, Bill Teng, Brian Wee, David Augustine Reid Boehm