Agclimate telecon 2014-09-02

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Agenda: Towards ESIP 2015 Winter Meeting


  • Justin Derner presented on LTAR sites with larger land areas that could form the bases for use cases.
    • Talked about scale of the site data, potential value of time accuracy, depth and resolution requirements
    • Potential to collaborate and incorporate spatial data within current gaps from ground level data
    • Use case - taking a retrospective look at an event or scenario (such as drought in 2012) discuss and evaluate how additional data could have better forcasted the events
    • Justin and Mark will discuss and get back with Bill about best use case scenario and data
    • Bill will connect with them about discussion using the spreadsheet
  • Discussion about the specifics of completing the spreadsheet
  • NASA and other satellite data for LTAR and Climate Hubs
    • Need to finish by the next meeting
  • 2015 Winter Mtg
    • Theme: Earth Science and Data in Support of Food Resilience: Climate, Energy, Water Nexus
    • Our session(s) proposal(s)
    • Based on Article from Nancy: rice growers in conjunction with bird migration data - relating this back to the theme - exploring the impacts and how they are coordinating
    • Discussion of:How many other uses for climate data and for potential mitigation of climate change related issues?


  • Finish the spreadsheet of data products and characteristics
  • Get back with Justin and figure out the initial use cases
  • Bill to contact Barry for potential input in spreadsheet and use case discussion
  • Nancy to get a hold of individuals involved in California rice growing project - more information and potential interest

Attendees: Bill Teng, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Justin Derner, Arif Albayrak, and Reid Boehm