Agclimate telecon 2014-02-04

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  • Possible (?) shift of telecon time to later in the day (still 1st Tuesday of month)
  • Refresh from Dec. telecon
    • From Brian Wee's presentation on NEON: Interoperability is one area where this Cluster and LTAR probably can best collaborate in a mutually beneficial way (e.g., all measurements consistently done for all sites). LTAR is cognizant of the need for interoperability.
    • From our Cluster's previous discussions, the other two promising areas of collaboration are data products and data archive.
  • Introduce Reid Boehm, new Student Fellow for our Cluster; Doctoral student at U TN; thesis topic: agricultural information
  • Cluster's 2014 plan
    • (1) Inventory of relevant ESIP capabilities

Previous Action: Bill will email request to esip-all re: any members who have collaborated or are collaborating with any USDA agencies.

    • (2) Review of literature and other sources on external (to ESIP) work on climate effects on agriculture
      • Science literature (Reid et al.)
      • USDA agencies, CCPO (Bill et al.)
      • Other sources (e.g., state orgs., Library of Congress) (Nancy et al.)
    • (3) Gap analysis (needs of LTAR) that ESIP can fill

Previous Action: Bill to follow up with Jeff McWhirter on RAMADDA. <== Decided to hold off a bit.

  • Cluster session at ESIP Summer 2014 Meeting, Copper Mtn, CO
    • Possible speakers: Mark Walbridge (LTAR), Simon Liu (NAL), Brad Doorn (NASA HQ, Applied Sciences Program-Water Resources and Agriculture)

Action: Bill to contact all 3 for their availability

    • Other speakers?
    • What should we aim to accomplish?

Participants: Reid B., Arif A., Erin R., Nancy H., James Hemby, 1 other (?), Bill T.

Meeting Lead: Bill Teng
attendees:Erin, Bill, Arif Albayak, Nancy H., James Hemby, Reid Boehm
1st item: discussing possible shift in time of telecom due to schedule conflicts
Doodle poll: Wednesday at 11 or Tuesday at 4 send out with 2 slots
2nd item: discussing data projects and data archives NAL (Simon Liu)
item 3: Introduction of student fellow Reid Boehm, Doctoral student in Info Sci. at University of Tennessee, writing dissertation in agricultural information management
item 4: collaborations with USDA from ESIP
Purpose to find out what is going on outside as well as in- review of literature and other resources
CCPO Bill Hohenstein- focus with LTAR
1. Go through all the agencies and summarize what they are all doing in this area
2. Nancy brought up last meeting other groups: commodity companies etc.
3. Reid review of scientific literature
useful review of the landscape of efforts Leading to Gap Analysis: Needs of LTAR and what ESIP can fill

Question from Erin about GEOSS task connection- another area to think about
Also Brian Wee and Mark Parsons RDA - Wheat Interoperability Working Group

Previous action Chris Lynnes- How to engage with LTAR collaboratory area - with Earth Science Collaboratory- may not be ready yet. Perhaps get back with Mark Wahlbridge to find out about tools needs first

Nancy asked did you have any wiki page form for reviewing?
Bill - this is more just typical review about what people are doing
Bill added post-telecon: Let's put what we find out in Review of past and ongoing work on climate effects on agriculture.

Talking about the summer meeting in Copper Mountain- Mark Wahlbridge spoke last summer, planning to meet again and speak with him again, narrowing down more needs that we can fill
Also as a speaker: Simon Liu - preview of the archive plans - also Brad Doorn from HQ perspective
Reid suggests For meeting have a concept map - to see gaps of information work
Reid - action item to send example to cluster DONE

  • Example from Reid's research:

Example from reid.png

  • Example from ESIP social network:

Network map example esip social network.jpg

We will aim to have this review of projects and literature plus group map of concepts, plus focus on needs of LTAR

Nancy- another thing would be to expand who would be active in the group- perhaps by invitation- maybe outreaching to some of these other organizations
Organizations in Colorado, others
Bill- as we do the review we can keep that in mind - maybe regional for LTAR
Colorado department of ag - drought monitoring may be a good place to look for participation

Look at particular local groups, universities, CUAHSI, connection to GEOSS
Also if you can think of anybody from respective organization wants to participate

Post-telecon addition from Erin re: Possible connection for July meeting - 1 of the 7 new Climate Hubs will be in Fort Collins, CO.

Sending out the Doodle poll for 2 specific times for meeting

Meeting next month first week in March, day and time: TBD