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Action Items

Date Added Assignee Description
February 2 Ruth Draft memo to authors
February 2 Ruth Put schedule on wiki

Closed Action Items

Date Added Date Closed Assignee Description
November 10 February 2 Erin/Carol Create a feedback form for the workshops and webinars
November 10 February 2 Erin Update the template to define a spot for authors to place their logos
November 10 February 2 Erin Create an email message that we all can distribute to our listservers
November 10 February 2 Ruth Create a draft agenda for the workshop and post on a new page on the wiki
September 15 February 2 Ruth Follow-up with UIUC on involving students in module processes. UIUC students/faculty not available for authoring, but may be available for reviewing modules in the spring
October 12 February 2 Carol Talk to the AGU folks to find out why the workshop isn't showing up on the website. OBE - AGU new administration had issues with ESSI sponsoring this workshop. This never did get satisfactorily resolved.
September 15 October 12 Carol Report back when the AGU workshop is confirmed... (or not). The AGU workshop will be Tuesday afternoon 1pm-5pm, at the Marriott Marquis
September 15 October 12 Carol Follow-up with NOAA NESDIS on review process. Discussions with Scott Hausman led to hiring an editor to review the modules for consistency, etc.
September 15 October 12 Matt Follow-up with UCLA on involving students in module processes. Jillian Wallace (UCLA) has agreed to review modules.
August 16 October 12 Ruth work with preservation cluster to find more module authors. 9/1/2011 - held a briefing at yesterday's cluster telecon. Curt Tilmes promised to examine the list and sign up for a few. 10/8/2011 - Curt has signed up for a few modules and is twisting Al Fleig's arm to get him to contribute a few too...
August 16 October 12 Mark Parsons review list of modules and determine which he could sign up for. Mark will not have time to complete any modules by AGU - closing action.
August 16 October 12 Erin to investigate unique identifiers for modules (EZID) and get that set up. 9/1/2011 - Erin will assign each of the modules a DOI . 9/15/2011 - Still waiting to hear from Nancy about this. Will email the group when in hand. 10/8/2011 - Need to defer this action as it isn't possible to complete it until after the work with the EZID folks on the ESIP commons is complete.
September 15 September 29 Matt Look into options for reference style guidelines and report back - guidelines added to author's guide
September 15 September 15 Ruth Add review criteria to author guidelines
September 1 September 15 Erin Add version and date information to the template. 9/15/2011 - Ruth updated the template with version and date, as well as with title on each page...
August 16 September 15 Mark Parsons to work with the APECS group on whether or not they would be interested in data management training. 9/15/2011 - Mark has contacted the APECS group and put Ruth and Carol in touch with them. They may be interested in sessions at 2 meetings next summer and/or webinars.
September 1 September 15 Ruth Draft a writer's guide for module writers
September 1 September 15 Erin Generate an email address for questions relating to the course and add same to the template.
September 1 September 15 Ruth Work with NSIDC communications staff to figure out the best place to put "breadcrumbs" in each module. Section header/title on each slide in the upper left corner.