AS Statement

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Annette Schloss, Research Scientist, Earth Systems Research Center, University of New Hampshire

Hello Everyone,

I am running for President of the ESIP Federation. Since its inception, ESIP has been very important to my work at the Earth Systems Research Center at UNH. I have seen ESIP grow from a fractious group thrown together by fiat to the mature organization it is now. ESIP as an organization brings unique resources to the field of Earth System Science.

I have worked in many areas in the field including modeling, data management, and education and outreach. I know that to be relevant, data, metadata, products, and services needed by modelers is very different than that needed by 4th grade teachers and citizens. ESIP crosses this entire landscape and it has been my pleasure to participate in a large cross-section of the variety of ESIP activities over the years.

I have been in leadership roles - from Cluster Leader to Committee Chair to Type II Rep. For the past two years I have served as your Vice President. I have two terms on the Foundation Board of Directors. I have a deep knowledge of the organization and the players. I believe strongly in the need for continuity in leadership, both in the Federation and on the Foundation Board, and this belief (along with my belief in the value of the organization) has led me to put my hat in the ring for President.

Also, to maintain a strong organization, we need to continue to actively recruit and mentor young members and to diversify our funding base. These are crucial focus areas for the near future. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to promote these and other important issues as your President!