AIP-AQ Kickoff Workshop

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Agenda and notes from the Health:AQ session during the AIP Kick-off Workshop in Boulder, CO Sept 25-26, 2008.

AIP2 Workshop


AIP AQ Societal Benefit Area Overview

Short presentations by participants

Defining AQ SBA objectives for AIP-2

Audio of discussion

  • Interfacing with GEOSS Common Infrastructure
  • AQ Community Components

Next steps and plan

  • Approach to communication, coordination and collaboration
    • Workspace has been created
    • Will establish email list
    • Will find a time for a telecon

Topics for which time was insufficient and that will be discussed via workspace, email, telecon

  • Scenario(s)
  • Coordination with UIC
  • Coordination with CEOS WGISS Atmos. Comp. Interest Group
  • review AIP-2 Master Schedule
  • identify session specific milestones
  • What is missing and still needed: service and data gaps