ACDD 1-3 Follow-on Discussions

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This page has been created to capture suggestions and concerns about the released ACDD 1-3 specification.

As noted in Attribute Convention for Data Discovery Future Directions, given the anticipated transition to an object-oriented version 2, significant changes to 1.3 may well be deferred in favor of the version 2 work.

Therefore, while this document has been created to collect comments and changes for 1.3, its name and introduction reflect the likely development path.

Suggestions and Concerns

It is suggested that each topic follow the following template. You might want to append '(minor fix)' to the topic name if you think this is worth an update to 1.3, as opposed to consideration in version 2.

Template Topic

Text description of the issues or suggested changes.

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Inclusion of featureType (minor fix)

The section on 'Alignment with NetCDF and CF Conventions' infers that adherence to the CF-1.6 global attributes standard means that the mentioned featureType attribute should be included in ACDD-1.3. However, whilst all the other mentioned attributes are listed, featureType is missing from the attribute table. Should this be added for completeness?

matdon (talk) 10:40, 3 May 2017 (MDT)


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