3DM Telecon - March 27

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

You are being invited to attend a Data Driven Decision Making (3DM) Sector Requirements Call/Webinar

Objective: To gather private sector perspectives on potential Use Cases and data sets being researched, organized to support enhanced decision making and situational awareness during before, during and after multi-state emergencies and disasters.

Call IN:

Conference Line 1-712-432-3011, code: 675656

Webinar link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6095279429242823426

More info on Data Driven Decision Making (3DM) Initiative: http://www.ahcusa.org/data-driven-decision-making-3dm.html


  • Electric sector (ConEd, PPL, PEPCO, Dominion, Northern Grid, Duke, Eversource, AEP, First Energy, BGE, Exelon, EEI, others)
  • Fuel sector (sellers and re-suppliers of retailers) (WAWA, others TBA)
  • Telecommunications sector (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T)
  • Food sector (retailers, grocers and distributors) (Wakefern Food, Publix, Speedway, NJ Food Council)
  • Finance Sector (Bank of America, Well Fargo)
  • Retail sector (Home Depot, Lowes)
  • Transportation (roadways & shipping) (UPS, FEDEX)
  • Multi-State Fleet Response Working Group
  • 3DM Working Group
  • Invited Guests

AGENDA: (as of 3/10/2017)

1. Introductions 2. Overview of this effort 3. Sector Round table discussion on pre-, during-, post disaster operational issues (more details to come)

a. Electric sector (ConEd, PPL, PEPCO, Dominion, Northern Grid, Duke, Eversource, AEP, First Energy, BGE, Exelon, EEI, others) b. Fuel sector (sellers and re-suppliers of retailers) (WAWA, others TBA) c. Telecommunications sector (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T) d. Food sector (retailers, grocers and distributors) (Wakefern Food, Publix, Speedway, NJ Food Council) e. Finance Sector (Bank of America, Well Fargo) f. Retail sector (Home Depot, Lowes) g. Transportation (roadways & shipping) (UPS, FEDEX)

4. General discussion 5. Next Steps 6. Close


In the end, faster decisions, A common operating picture and better data from a reliable source is in government and industry, saves lives in the stores critical of the structure


The purpose of this call is to explore what questions private sector decision-makers need answers for as they prepare for, respond to, and recover from regional disasters in each of the sectors listed below.

These questions will drive a research and development effort to produce information products designed to enhance private sector decisions, provide for a common operating picture at the regional level for states and companies, and expedite communications and coordination for multi-state disasters, accidents and emergencies in the future

For more info in this initiative: visit: http://www.ahcusa.org/data-driven-decision-making-3dm.html


This will be a facilitated multi-sector conf call / webinar.

No sensitive or company specific information will be solicited…only general sector information will be discussed.

Sample questions will be provided to everyone prior to call….will focus on the questions that need to be answered in the minds of private sector decision makers during the 3 phases of a multi-state emergency/disaster (prepare, response, recovery)

A question will be posed to the group.

Each sector will be asked to provide their perspectives on the question

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Use Case Areas to Focus On:

1. Daily Situational Awareness 2. Expediting Regional Private Sector Resource Movement Across State Lines 3. Damage Assessment


Once the initial list of sector “decision based” questions is developed form this call, the Data Driven Decision-Making (3DM) Initiative Working Group will begin to research and identify data sets that can expedite decision making in the private sector by quickly answering the sector questions drive from this call.

A 3DM working meeting will then be held in New York City on April 13 from 8am to 3pm at Con Edison to drill into these questions further and begin working with the 3DM data partners from the ESIP Federation, NOAA, NASA, USGS, FEMA, DHS Infrastructure Protection, trade associations, and private sector companies to discuss and agree on the data sets (from weather, roadway transportation, etc…) and use cases that can be used by decision makers in the next 6-12 months.

Use Case Areas of Focus: 1) Day to Day Situational Awareness

2) Resource Movement Across State/US borders

3) Damage Assessment

Initial Data Sets:

1. Weather (e.g. weather, flooding, wind, storm surge, storms, etc..) 2. Transportation (e.g. closures of roads, bridges, tunnels, construction, etc..) 3. Power Outages (electrical power outages) 4. State/local/federal declarations and waivers 5. Wildfires 6. TDB

Initial Sectors Engaged:

1. Electric 2. Telecom 3. Food 4. Fuel 5. Finance 6. Retail 7. Transportation


See below


The 3DM Working Group stakeholders will be working with the technology partners to leverage these datasets and use cases into its regional common operating picture dashboard.

A virtual exercise will be conducted in April 2017 to test these data sets, processes and gather recommendations for improvement.

Operationalize new data sets and use cases Summer 2017 within dashboard.

Initial Sectors Engaged:

8. Electric 9. Telecom 10. Food 11. Fuel 12. Finance 13. Retail 14. Transportation

Government Agencies Engaged:

1. State/Local Emergency Management (NC,VA, DC, DE, PA, WV, NJ, NY, CT and more) 2. NOAA 3. FEMA 4. USGS 5. NASA 6. DHS Science & Technology 7. DHS Infrastructure Protection 8. US DOT 9. US DOE

Trade Associations & 501c3’s:

1. Edison Electric Institute 2. National Rural Electric Cooperative Association 3. American Public Power Association 4. Regional Consortium Coordinating Council 5. Earth Science Information Partners Federation 6. American Petroleum Institute


1. The University of Alabama in Huntsville 2. Rutgers University 3. Others