2019 Documentation Plan

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP Collaboration Area Strategic Plan 2019

ESIP Vision

To be a leader in promoting the collection, stewardship and use of Earth science data, information and knowledge that are responsive to societal needs.

2015-2020 Strategic Plan Goals

  • Increase the use and value of Earth science data and information.
  • Strengthen the ties between observations and user communities (e.g. technologies, research, education and applications).
  • Promote techniques to articulate and measure the socioeconomic value and benefit of Earth science data, information, and applications.
  • Position ESIP to play a major role in Earth science issues (e.g. addressing effects of climate change mitigation, adaptation and supporting sustainable science data infrastructure).

Resources: 2015-2020 Strategic Plan Executive Summary
Strategic Plan Roadmap

Collaboration Area Plan

Collaboration Area Objective:

To improve documentation for discovery, use, and understanding of earth science observations and data and to facilitate interoperable documentation access and use across systems and communities.

Things we may do to fulfill our objectives:

ACDD Governance - The Attribute Convention for Data Discovery was proposed by Unidata nearly a decade ago and has worked well for supporting discovery as part of the ncISO tools. During the last year the ESIP Documentation Cluster was suggested as a governance body for these conventions. This work currently has two branches: finalization of the current flat model (Version 1.2) and development of the first object-oriented version of the convention (Version 2.0). ISO 19115-1 Wiki - The NOAA Data Management Wiki has been an important community driven source of information on the ISO 191* family of metadata standards. There is currently no equivalent resource for the new members of this family (19115-1 and 19157). The ESIP Wiki has been proposed several times as a reasonable location for this content. Resources would likely be helpful for creation of this content. Data Quality and Provenance (ISO19157, PROV-ES) - There have been significant developments in the area of data quality and provenance recently with the emergence of ISO 19157 and PROV-ES. Members of the ESIP community are playing important leadership roles in this work. This provides an important opportunity for working with the Data Stewardship and Data Quality clusters (?) to create interoperable bridges between these dialects. Metadata Hackathon -- get together with someone who has existing (FGDC, ECHO, DIF) metadata and wants to translate those metadata in order to take advantage of ISO capabilities and work through creating and improving some records. Metadata Minutes of the Month Club - pick a person and/or a spiral to discuss at next telecon (10 min overview with examples)

Things our collaboration area needs to deliver our objectives?

Partnerships - We need more specifics here. Who / what projects are we connecting with here and what are the outcomes? NASA ESDSWG (Data Interoperability, HDF-EOS Future, Data Quality) The NASA ESDSWG includes two working groups that are directly related to the Documentation Cluster: Data Interoperability and HDF-EOS Future Information/Data Quality Cluster (ISO 19157) Data Stewardship Committee (PROV-ES) Discovery Cluster ACDD Governance committee Guest speakers at telecons Marinexplore - Graybeal (?) WMO - Kozimor (?) USGS - Blodgett (?), others Library metadata management (Andrew CU, Nic NCAR, Matt?)

Student fellow support Possibly need budget, we are working on this - possibly the Hackathon

(e.g. Partnerships, in-kind support, staff support)

How will we know we are on the right track?

Values - describing how well the cluster is doing in terms of ‘living by’ its values Performance/Quality - How the Collab area will keep an eye on the resources/measure the quality of resources, activities. Tracking how we are engaging with others in the ESIP community (amount of participation in telecons and sessions at meetings). Presentations Relevance - How the cluster will ensure that its research agenda and outputs (content and format/channel) is relevant to its core audiences Champions picking up recommendations to utilize Cluster gains momentum through 2014

How will others know what we are doing in & out of ESIP?

Outreach to ESIP Email ESIP looking for use cases to take on conversion to ISO Interact with Data Stewardship Committee

Beyond ESIP email to NOAA and national metadata email lists?

Cross-collaboration area connections

(Identify other areas that you consider cross collaboration. Are there things that you need us to provide in support the cross collaboration?)