20170215 Telecon

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Agenda for ESIP Science Software Cluster Telecon

15 Feb 2017 at noon eastern (60 min max)

Meeting Agenda:

  • Volunteer(s) for note-taking? Thanks to Bruce Caron for taking notes.
  • Introductions
  • History of group
  • Archives ? Wiki
  • Mission ?
  • Ideas for moving forward

Meeting minutes:


  • Jim Bowring - College of Charleston, CIRDLES.org
  • Bruce Caron, ESIP
  • Bob Downs, SEDAC
  • Ray Idaszak, RENCI
  • Soren Scott, Ronin Institute

Some themes to pursue: sustainability for software and software citation. Elsevier has a new journal: SoftwareX

Action Items:

  • Jessica Hausman from JPL Po.daac wants to do a wiki addition to connect the various software citation efforts (ESIP, RDA, Force11, ESDSWG). Erin will contact.
  • Link to output documents from the NSF science software institute conceptual awards: Figshare document: ISEES_A_Strategic_Plan.

Next Meeting: THIRD Wed of each month at NOON ET.