From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

ESIP ExCom Annual Plan 2016

  • President: Emily Law
  • Vice President: Christine White
  • Website (wiki): ExCom Wiki Page
  • Monthly Meeting Day/Time: 2nd Tues of the month, 3 ET

ESIP Vision

To be a leader in promoting the collection, stewardship and use of Earth science data, information and knowledge that are responsive to societal needs.

2015-2020 Strategic Plan Goals

  • Increase the use and value of Earth science data and information.
  • Strengthen the ties between observations and user communities (e.g. technologies, research, education and applications).
  • Promote techniques to articulate and measure the socioeconomic value and benefit of Earth science data, information, and applications.
  • Position ESIP to play a major role in Earth science issues (e.g. addressing effects of climate change mitigation, adaptation and supporting sustainable science data infrastructure).

2015-2020 Strategic Plan Executive Summary
Strategic Plan Roadmap

Collaboration Area Plan

Executive Committee Objective:

The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the ESIP Assembly during the interim times between Assembly meetings. The committee is comprised of the ESIP officers (President and Vice President), standing and administrative committee chairs and category 1, 2 and 3 representatives*. The committee meets monthly and generally reviews the major issues facing the organization, weighing pros and cons and making preliminary decisions, to be ratified by the Assembly electronically or in-person at a meeting.

*Votes for Executive Committee members representing each ESIP category can be cast only by ESIP Federation members of that category.

Things we may do to fulfill our objectives:

  • Work with staff and FES Board to unite FES/ESIP governance structures, including discussion of terms for president, vice president and development of policies and procedures
  • Implement the ESIP Strategic Plan and support collaboration activities that move ESIP toward our goals.
  • Oversee NOAA renewal proposal and evaluate other proposal and sponsorship opportunities relevant to ESIP
  • Oversee ESIP website update with focus on making content more discoverable.

Things our collaboration area needs to deliver our objectives?

(e.g. Partnerships, in-kind support, staff support)

  • Staff support to move key actions forward related to governance and website
  • Collaboration of the entire ExCom to align agendas around ESIP strategic goals
  • Ongoing communication to broader ESIP community

How will we know we are on the right track?

  • Mid-course check in July
  • ESIP will have new governance structure
  • Clear outcomes from past year that are connected to the strategic plan.

How will others know what we are doing in & out of ESIP?

  • Presence at International Data Week, AGU, other places?
  • Monday Update Monthly update from ExCom
  • Summer Meeting activity?? What would that look like? \ State of the Federation