2014 Minutes

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Minutes from January call

Bylaw changes from last year…

Bruce will be tasking the staff to get the wording from the resolution vote from the staff to be formally added to the bylaws.

Considering long-standing issues with the bylaws: Long inactive (and sometimes no longer existing) ESIPs need to be cleared from the membership rolls.

Failure to attend a business meeting after some time could be grounds for losing membership. There needs to be a warning for these ESIPs.

Some organizations may not even realize they are still ESIPs. They can be contacted by staff and encouraged to submit a letter of resignation.

Denise offered to do some wording for a bylaw changes to help clear away inactive ESIPs.

Denise offered the idea that the quorum might be set at a precise number instead of a percentage of the assembly.

The committee will suggest to the ExCom to change the quorum to a number. This number can be changed upward or downward as membership numbers change.

Tamara (via email) also brought up the election process for Foundation Board members:

" As far as what issues carry over from last year's C&B I think the only thing will be to implement the election of ESIP Board members into the election process. It will have to be clear that people who are part of the ESIP Administration can not be Board members. Board members will have 3 year terms that are staggered. That means that at this point the new board members have either 1, 2 or 3 year terms so that ESIP would elect one or two in any one year. The board did decide which board members had which terms last Friday so Carol can let you know how many will need to be elected next year. Then there is the issue about the 4 ESIP reps in the bylaws and the 2 additional reps. I think that they will have to be distinguished. I can let you know more later."

FOLLOWUP: NO new bylaw wording was created at the Winer 2014 assembly meeting.