20141203 Telecon

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

March 12, Agenda

ESIP Software Cluster Telecon Notes,

Wed March 12, 2014

Goings on in the world of SciSoftware

- Earth Cube workshop in Boulder on OSS wrap up - - Overall sentiment was that Earth Cube should have a Technical Advisory board but they were not the one to do it. - - From this discussion we generated the idea to host an Open Source Software / Business Application Roundtable as part of the Summer Session (potential participants :David Fulker (gov / industry), James Howison (academic), etc.)

- Software Sustainability Institute PI Meeting in Washington D.C (last week) - - (someone was to provide link to Google Doc that overviewed presentations)

Summer Meeting Brainstorm:

Software bootcamp is on the schedule (Probably take place on Thursday or Friday so as not to interrupt the plenaries).

Invite someone from the iPython project as a speaker ... potentially get someone to talk bout iPython use in breakout session

Nic's suggestion to invite someone from R OpenSci project (i.e. Ted Hardt, Carl B., Karthik Ram)

Reach out to WSSSPE organizers, at very least to advertise topic of summer meeting http://wssspe.researchcomputing.org.uk/ for potential sessions to be proposed

Software citations - (Nic's note: Matt Mayernik and I are proposing session about attribution beyond citations) Ethan Davis Unidata - potentially leading session about building software community with users ... iPython Potential participants for this Ethan's session include Data One members (User group meeting is immediately before ESIP)

To Do: - Software attribution session - WSSSPE outreach - Potential follow up w/ Neil @ (SSI)