2012 Business Meeting

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)
  1. Call to Order and Review of Rules of Procedure - Call to order 11:00 am. 41 members present (39 in person, 2 via webex). Please review Robert's Rules
  2. Announcement of Election Results
    1. Pres - Karl Benedict
    2. VP - Annette Schloss
    3. CB - Rob Raskin
    4. Finance - Chuck Hutchinson
    5. Partnership - John Scialdone
    6. Education - Becky Reid
    7. IT&I - Matt Austin
    8. Products & Services - Ken Keiser
    9. 7 New Partners - Thanks to new members for joining. We are looking forward to working with you.
  3. ESIP Type Caucuses Type I ( ) Type II ( ) Type III (Stefan, Bill Teng, Dave Jones, Liping Di)
  4. Discussion and Vote on Proposed Bylaw Changes
    1. New Type III definition proposed. Definition was proposed last year, discussion was had, comments were made and the definition was revised. No discussion. Chuck motioned/Karl Seconded
    2. Discussion Motion to amend: 2/3 approval of the assembly (Steve Kempler second); Voice vote - vote passed
      1. Amended language. DC 2
    3. New committee formed. - Frew moved to ammend Data Lifecycle Committee; (withdraw amendment)
      1. Tamara Moved/Mark seconded. Chris - Call to Question/ Chuck - 2nd - amendment passes
      2. Mark - b. through it's life-cycle; Ken doesn't like data life-cycle (may not want to imply an end) Steve Barrick does think life-cycle is ok. Annette - doesn't want to add. Bruce - Give charge to committee on their view of data lifecycle. Chris calls vote/Jeff - amendment fails. Tamara - calls to question
  5. Discussion and Vote on Proposed ESIP Data Sharing Principles - passed.
    1. - Discussion
    2. Frew moved charged/endorse the maintenance of these recommended practice docs and keeping them up to date for the Federation. Tamara 2nd. Chuck call to question/Karl 2nd. Amendment passes
    3. Frew moved to approve recommended data stewarship and citation documents. 2nd Mark P. (
      1. Discussion - Annette doesn't say much about commercial providers - is it unnecessarily restrictive?; Ruth - wouldn't want to add about commerical. encourages free/at-cost subset.
      2. Any provision if conflict between home institution - yes; superseded by legal; nothing wrong with ESIP having an opinion.
      3. ESIP Should be putting out these statements/People have to deal - comply w/ESIP guidelines. Benefit of having such a doc outweighs.
      4. Call to question/2nd - 1 nay.
      5. 1- Nay
  6. Discussion and Vote on ESIP Data Citation Guidelines (bundled)
  7. Other Business
    1. Mark Nominates Curt Tilmes/2nd - ?? Curt new Data Committee
    2. Bylaws need to be renumbered sub-point 4/5. Chris moved/Margaret 2nd; No debate;
  8. Tamara Move to adjourned 12:30!