20110916: Student Fellow Call

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Student Cluster

Recorded Call

  • Reviewed Meeting Guidelines.
  • Reviewed Agenda -
    • Discussed narrowing scope to just citizen science and climate.
    • Yasmin explained the Energy and Climate Workshop - Tool to scope wind energy
    • Have we thought of bringing in international efforts - World Bank/GEOSS
  • looked at a pic of data -> Info -> knowledge flow. Erin would like to use a model like this to tie the collab areas together within the session
  • Blog request: We have launched our site and now have the opportunity to blog. Could each of you send me a short intro blog post of who you are, how you found ESIP and what you are working on with your cluster by Oct. 1? The what you are working on doesn't have to be anything major.

Will talk next Friday, September 29, 2 EDT.